Friday, November 6, 2009


Do you see this:

That would be a hamper.  There is one in almost every bathroom in our house.  I think I'm the ONLY one in our house who actually understands its purpose.  I mean, why put clothes in the hamper when you can just throw them on the floor, right?  This really drives me batty.  

Mac has been known to find a pair of pajamas he loves and want to wear them EVERY night. For the longest time it was some Auburn pajamas.  This actually wasn't so bad because Grant had a pair of the same kind which fit Mac so I had a day to wash the other pair.  On his birthday, RaRa gave him some Lightning McQueen pajamas.  I think they could have been pink with lace and bows and he wouldn't have cared - I mean, these came from RARA.  Those are now his must-haves EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.  Which means I'm washing them every single day.  Which is fine because I'm washing clothes every single day anyway but it's remembering to find those certain ones to wash that gets a little taxing.  So much so that one day I just completely forgot to wash them.  Bedtime comes along and... 

no Lightning McQueen pajamas.  Gasp!  How could I?  

He was ticked and, from my juncture, it seemed he let everyone from here to Timbuktu know it.  So Mac and I had a little talk about the intended purpose of the hamper.  The conversation was short and to-the-point so I was sure it went in one ear and out the other.  

That is, until I went looking for those pajamas to wash the other day and couldn't find them ANYWHERE... then I thought to look here:

Be still, my beating heart!!!! ;)
You done me proud, Mackey-Doodle!



Ford Family said...

Yay, Mackey!! We have the hamper rule here and we don't go to bed a night with dirty clothes on the floor...yep, just call me Fort Knox! hehee! :)

Bethany said...

Awww that Mackey! He is so sweet! I miss his little butt!

Martha said...

That's my baby love!!! Never a dull moment, huh? You hadn't told me about the pj's though; glad to know he "wuvs" them! ;)

Love you much!!!