Monday, January 31, 2011



I guess Grant was Bethany's good luck charm after all because my baby girl bagged a buck. She, Grant and Chris were up even before the chickens Sunday morning to hunt on what was the last day we'll get to hunt this season. Chris and I knew we wanted one more deer to get processed to fully stock the freezer until next season, and we've been saving it for Bethany to have her shot at it. Get it. Shot?!? I know. I'm a comedian.

She would've been satisfied with a doe so was super pumped when a buck, a 6-point, walked out and she had the chance to shoot it. And she shot exactly where she was supposed to. I never in a million years would've thought this is something she would be into. I do think she thoroughly enjoyed herself. She's already talking about something bigger and better next season. :)


She wanted the full experience - even letting Chris put blood on her face. I was so glad Professor was there but there was a little competition going on. That's Grant behind her checking out the scales. He was ready to call "no fair" if hers was bigger than his. :) 

Way to go, Umby! It's now at Granddaddy's house for him to work his magic on a european mount. I think we're going to need a room just for our mounts once the other two follow suit.

Friday, January 28, 2011


The pretty in pink part doesn't pertain to Mac all wrapped up in Sissy's pink and green blanket. Although he does look "pretty" doesn't he?!? :) 
He was quite ill when he saw this picture. How dare I take a picture of him using a PINK blanket to sleep with. But it's Sissy's blanket. And it's Auburn. And it's a great blanket, so it's okay. I'm a sucker for pictures of my babies sleeping, and I thought this one was so sweet. 

The pretty in pink I was talking about is Bethany. Who is quite pretty in pink. But she can also rock the camo.

I couldn't believe my ears when the prissy little princess told me she wanted to go hunting. And not just hunt, but hunt to kill. She said she can't let her 6-year-old brother one-up her. I've said it before and I'll say it again, if you're not into it you wouldn't understand. If you are, you totally get it. So a couple of weekends ago my parents let the boys hang with them for the day and Chris, my baby girl and me loaded up and headed to the hunting land. All we saw was a small spike which we weren't going to shoot. She was a little miffed but as Chris says, that's why it's called hunting - not killing. We had a great time, though, and I can't remember the last time the three of us were together without the boys - probably before Grant was born. This weekend is the last weekend of the season so she's wanting to get back in the woods. We'll see. Grant wants to go with them and take my place. He says he'll be her good-luck charm. Regardless, she'll look fab in camo!

Happy Friday! We're looking forward to a day or two of warmer temps!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


The snow didn't come to us, so we went to the snow. Actually the reason for our most recent trip to Decatur was to see Umby cheer at a basketball game, but seeing and getting to put our hands in some snow was a treat. Add in some good time with two other little McClendon girls we love to be around, getting to see Country Girl, as well as some donuts on our way out of town (and B driving so I can fully enjoy said donuts), and it makes for one great day.

Seeing her doing what she loves makes me happy. 

This little redhead gets pretty much whatever she wants when she hops in Mrs. April's lap and wraps those arms around my neck. 

She honestly is one of the funniest people I have ever met. 

And Wownsy, well she's a sweetheart who always amazes everyone with her natural tumbling ability. And of course her big sister looks for any excuse to show her off. :)

All in good fun:

I'm not sure who these two are after but they're in hot pursuit. And when those two get together you never know what might happen:

The only good thing that came from our failed attempt at homemade donuts was the fun in making them. YUCK! They were disgusting. But we did have fun. I had flour all over my kitchen. If you know me you know I have to be in the mood to do this type thing. I'm so glad I did because the boys had a blast. So ultimately we trashed those (after a little more time of playing with the unused dough) and went with the tried and true "homemade" donuts - canned biscuits flattened with a hole cut out to look like a donut, then fried and covered with glaze. Mmmmm. I'm still on a mission for a good recipe, though. I won't give up that easily.

Reid's attention span is not quite up to speed with his brothers. So he had his fun, washed his hands, and sipped on Sprite while he watched:

 You have to get the mouth just right:

Sweet hands:

They even helped "wash" the dishes. They were washed perfectly to go into the dishwasher.

I tell them all the time how blessed they are to have each other - that their brothers are the best friends they'll ever have. A lot of the time they fight. A lot. I play referee A LOT. But not always. And those are the sweetest times!


You remember Ella Grace, right?!? The one who was Mackey's little girlfriend who subsequently became his ex-girlfriend when she told him he had to become a Bama Fan in order to remain her boyfriend. Well when I walked Mac into his classroom at preschool this morning, we were met at the door by Ella Grace who couldn't wait to show him this:
In case you can't read it, her shirt says GO TIGERS! WAR EAGLE! Yep, as his RaRa said, the boy's got game. :) 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Today Grant's class is celebrating their 100th day of school. They're having a party (of course-any excuse to have a party, right!?!) and were asked to dress like they're 100 years old. I have to tell you I was quite shocked when Professor wanted to participate. I'm so proud he's coming out of his shell a bit. He was really into dressing up, and we had a lot of fun with it.

We even gave him a little "old man belly."
So proud of you, my little old man. :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Today my parents are celebrating 36 years of marriage. They're a wonderful example of how a marriage should be. They're more in love today than they were 36 years ago, if that's even possible. They love each other unconditionally (they even like each other most of the time) :) and most of all they love Jesus and keep HIM at the forefront of their relationship. I'm so proud they're my parents.

Congratulations, Mom and Dad! Here's to many, many more years of wedded bliss! I love you both!


'Round and 'round and 'round it goes. Where it stops, nobody knows.

What's going around you ask? Well that would be a stomach virus. We've been bit by a stomach bug.

It's never good when you're awaken at 1 a.m. with "Momma, I just threw up." 

It was Grant, early Sunday morning. And he didn't just throw up, he projectile vomited three different times and in three different places before he could get to me or the bathroom. I'll spare you the details but it was horrific. I just stood there and stared at it for 5 minutes wondering how in the world I was going to clean it up. I kept looking at Chris saying, "How do I even start?" Since they all three sleep together we had to wake them all up because somehow the other two managed to sleep through everything up to this point. Oh if you only knew how I hate a stomach virus. Not that anyone particularly enjoys it but there are a lot of us. And it's usually a domino effect. I freak out. I immediately get nauseous and just know I'm going to be next. But I managed to pull it together. We moved the boys upstairs to Sissy's room, and Chris and I were on a mission. Team work! We finally got everything as best as we could for the night, got everyone tucked in upstairs, and crawled back into bed around 2:30. 

As much as I hated Grant was sick the silver lining was that Sunday was a day spent together, all of us, all day. We had a fire going, played Wii, we all piled on the couch and played Angry Birds on Chris' phone (we're hooked on that game), we played tic-tac-toe, we "hunted", some people took a little snooze, and we watched two good football games.

Yesterday started great. Grant had bounced back and was able to go to school. Mac and Reid went to school. I really was beginning to think maybe it was something Grant ate. UNTIL... 

Until I had to pick something up from mom and dad's house. The boys and me loaded up, headed over there and stayed for a bit to visit. A few minutes into our visit Mac said his stomach was hurting and curled up in a chair. 


Oh yes! Nothing like visiting the grands and bringing with us all those germs. I think I apologized 50 times. Here's hoping that's not how they're "celebrating" their anniversary.

So for now the rest of us are just sitting. Waiting. Eating very bland. And suffering from some major psychosomatic symptoms. We're like ticking time bombs. Who will be the next to bite the dust? 

The only "good" thing about this is that thankfully it's short-lived. Grant is 100% and Mac is already on the mend. He slept all night, is drinking good, and even ate some saltine crackers. Maybe, just maybe, it will stop there. Because we all know there's no time for a momma to be sick.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


I didn't know how much I relied on the internet until I didn't have it. There's only so much you can do on a Blackberry. I only have a second - I have a new homemade donut recipe the boys and I are anxious to test out - but want to post a few random pictures until I have time to sit down and put together a full post.

A couple of "sleepy" pictures. I love pictures of my babies asleep. So sweet!

Those lashes:

It doesn't happen much that the boys get in our bed so when it does, it makes for a sweet morning!

At bath time every night Grant and Mac go one way and Reid goes his own way. He likes to take baths in his own bathroom so he can have it all to himself. 
 Goodness he has a big melon. :)

And one more just because I think it's funny.
What? You don't go around with a pirate monkey wrapped around your neck?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


It will be at least Friday before we have internet at our house. Does anyone in customer service anywhere know what they're doing? Just curious. Goodness it's frustrating. It may be a while but I can't wait to post some pictures from our jaunt to Decatur Saturday. We went to see Bethany cheer at a basketball game and had a great day. She dearly loves cheer, and I love seeing her in her element. There was also plenty of snow still on the ground so the boys were happy about that. It was a quick trip and makes for a long day but of course is always worth it it.

In the meantime, I'll be working on taxes. UGH! They're sure to contribute to my demise. Either that or Nerf bullets. Whichever cause me to spontaneously combust first.

Happy Day!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


What? I'm not in Antarctica? Not even Alaska? BECAUSE THE FRIGID TEMPERATURES HERE IN THE DEEP SOUTH SAY OTHERWISE. I do hate the cold.

Oh Spring, I miss you. Please come soon.

Here are just a few random things sans pictures (and probably with a few typos) because I'm blogging from my phone. Because we have no internet at our house. I won't get into all of the details surrounding my lack of connection to the world but it ultimately boils down to a bulldozer and a cut phone line.

Yesterday when I picked up Mac and Reid from preschool Mac's teacher said, "Oh I just have to tell you what Mac said today." My heart always skips a beat when I hear someone say that. You see, his little girlfriend is Ella Grace. I think I'm beginning to see a pattern here - Grant's best bud at school is the principal's son and Mackey's little friend girl is the Director's (who Mac calls his principal) granddaughter. Ella Grace told Mac that one day he needed to go home with her and play and he could also spend the night. His teacher said he paused for a minute then said, "Well I can come over and hang out but my momma says I can't spend the night with girls."

Atta boy, Bueller! If only he will keep that same mentality for the future!

Loyalty for his team was tested too. Ella Grace is a Bammer. She told him that unless he ditched Auburn and became an Alabama fan he couldn't be her boyfriend anymore. When he told me this I said, "Well Mac what did you tell her?"

"Well I just had to break up with her, Momma."

Now that's a devoted fan. :)

Oh the drama of a day in the life of a 5-year-old.

In Professor news, this week an awards ceremony was held for First Graders. I'm proud to report Grant received awards for A Honor Roll, good conduct, and AR. Way to go, G!

Of course smart can also come with a three-letter word attached to the end of it.

Every week a sheet labeled Spelling Words comes home in Grant's binder. It's the same type sheet we've studied every week since the beginning of 1st Grade. I'm particularly aware of what it looks like because I'm the one who copies them for his teacher each week, and I'm also super-observant. (Please hold your applause for Mother of the Year and insert a bit of sarcasm).

Before I called out the words to help him study for his spelling test I gave him the sheet to look over. I mix them up when I call them out and start with the hardest ones first. This is how it went down:

Me: Enough.

Prof: That's not one of our spelling words.

Me: Yes it is.

Prof: No it's not.

Me: Yes, it is. It's right here on this sheet and you need to be learning how to spell it.

Prof: NO, that's a high frequency word. That's on the bottom list. We don't have to know how to spell those, only the words on the top part.

(There is a "top list" and a "bottom list" on there. And the words on the bottom do say high frequency words but we've always studied all the words.)

Me: YES YOU DO. We've always studied ALL the words on the list. Every single test you've taken this year has been on all those words so spell enough.

Prof (getting more frustrated by the second): Momma we DON'T have to spell that word and I don't know how to spell it.

Me: Oh, so that's what it is. You just don't know how to spell it? Well let me help you...

Prof (interrupting me): NO! THAT IS NOT A SPELLING WORD!

Me (um, yeah, frustrated): Fine, Grant. But it's the same it's always been. Why would this be any different? I not only have helped you study for every single spelling test but I've made those copies since the beginning of the year. I think I know what I'm talking about. But whatever. If you are okay with not knowing how to spell a word on your test, then I'm not going to let it bother me.

Professor walks off mumbling under his breath that "it's NOT a spelling word" and lets it go.

The afternoon after the test I picked him up from school and before I could even ask how it went he said, "Well, 'enough' wasn't on our spelling test."

It wasn't? Really? Wow.

"No. It wasn't. So I guess you actually DIDN'T know what you were talking about."

I stand corrected, son.

And crow is nasty.

Grant has made a 100 on every spelling test this year. They come home in his Tuesday folders and it's quite apparent that I see a 100 at the top and look no further to see if every word we studied was on there.
It's also quite apparent that I'm ever so observant. When I got home I took a look at that spelling word list I've seen more times than I can count. And whaddya know. Right there at the bottom below the " High Frequency Words" heading in parentheses reads this: "children must be able to read."

Read. Not spell.


Did I mention crow is not very appetizing?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


All Auburn. All family. All in.

All the way.
Best. Game. Ever.

War Eagle!!

As great as the game was, let it not overshadow the fact that pre-game my six-year-old son, his daddy and his Granddaddy braved the elements once again to go deer hunting. Since killing his first couple of deer - both does - over the holidays, Grant has had buck fever in a big way. He vowed to hunt whenever he could until he got a buck.

And it paid totally off. My little deer slaya bagged his first buck. He was so excited. We were all excited for him, and I was especially glad his daddy AND Granddaddy were there to see it happen. He walked in the door last night grinning from ear to ear. Mac ran and gave him high-five. :) 

It was a great night!

Saturday, January 8, 2011


We were bored. I thought it would be fun to copy and scan ourselves.

And it was. :)

Friday, January 7, 2011


Let's begin with the cheesy Big Top Cupcake. I'm not talking cheesy as in I discovered some type of cheese recipe to use in a Big Top Cupcake mold, I mean cheesy as in corny. Before Christmas my mom, Rachel and I were having a discussion about some things we may want for Christmas. Rather things we may say we want (for certain reasons or other, right Martha? wink wink) ;). Anyhoo, Martha said, "Ooooh, how about one of those cheesy giant cupcake things."

I started laughing, "Oh, yeah, those things are SOOOO cheesy." Haha heehee, we laugh. My mom chimes in laughing a little too much, looks at me and says, "You mean the cheesy giant cupcake thing I bought you for Christmas that's wrapped and sitting right there under my tree?" Baaahahahahahahahahahah I guess you had to be there but it was one of those heelarious moments that couldn't have been timed more perfect. It's a good thing mom's a good sport about things like that. Most people would've been offended but we all got a really good laugh out of it. And in her defense (because she says she bought it thinking the boys would have fun with it), the boys think it's great. Grant has a love for the cupcake like no other so he especially likes it.

The other day we decided to test out our Cheesy Big Top Cupcake. Being that I'm having oven issues (I have a double oven and neither of them are heating properly - lovely - word to the wise, the Kenmore Pro line sucks) it didn't turn out as we had hoped. But we sure had fun trying. And of course the best part was licking the bowl clean.

MANNERS:  I'm a stickler for them. I was taught to use manners growing up and so was Chris. I think it must be a southern thing. Manners is something I've taught my children, and I expect them to use them. However, there are those times they just plain forget. I don't fuss or make a big deal out of it. Sometimes I forget to use mine too. The times they do forget I give them a friendly reminder. If one answers with "YES" I'll respond with, "yes, ma'am" and they know what I mean. I don't really even have to do that much, though, because for the most part they are very well-mannered if I do say so myself. Well the other day Reid was forgetting his manners a lot. After a few gentle reminders and Turbo still "forgetting" I said, "Reid, you need to go find those manners of yours you seem to have lost."

He said, "I KNOW! I've looked eveewhere and I just can't find 'em. They just lost."

Oh my side. Heaven help us during his teenage years.
Happy weekend!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


We had a very low-key New Year's which is just how we like it. We snapped and popped a few boxes of Snap Poppers, enjoyed a few sparklers (minus the choking sulfur smell),

and called it a night.

But not before Professor tried to figure out just how those sparklers spark.

I think we were all in bed before 10 p.m. Country Girl was here with us for the weekend so she and Bethany may have made it a bit past that but not much.

While Chris and I were getting dinner ready New Year's Eve he asked me if I wanted to set our alarm clock for 12:00 a.m. so we could give each other a midnight kiss.

I looked at him and we both started laughing. :)

I did make a few resolutions this year. I'm usually not a fan of resolutions (because I think they're dumb) and don't eat black-eyed peas New Year's Day (I like black-eyed peas but don't believe a pea will give you good luck). But I decided to be different this year. Well, with the resolution thing. I still didn't eat black-eyed peas. I actually made quite a few resolutions for myself. Some I really hope to follow through with. Some of which are just wishful thinking, hence the resolutions are dumb thing. So I'll leave them all to myself. If I see them to fruition maybe I'll share. ;)

Now on to a day in our life for 2011.

One of the advantages of being the one who still sometimes (and I use that word loosely) naps:  Being able to hang later than your big brothers on those days and throw the ball with daddy. With NO competition. :)

Melts my heart!

And maybe not so advantageous for me taking pictures of that is seeing that I really really really need to dust under those ridiculously ginormous speakers and subwoofer. Because every family needs that type home theater system to watch Marmaduke.

Hope your new year is off to a great start. Happy 2011!