Thursday, November 19, 2009


This is the big boy bed, complete with Spiderman sheets (or, as Reid says, Pie-doo-man), a pillow that went with some old bedding that he sleeps on every night which has to be turned a certain way with a certain side facing up, and his "baby" - the only blanket he will use, has to have it, can't live without it, goes into hysterics if we can't find it, will NOT go to sleep without it - blanket.

This is my sanctuary, my respite, my sweet relief:

I look forward to climbing into this each and every single night. My sleep is precious - PRECIOUS! Big Boy Bed is hindering that sweet relief.

That was going to be my post for today. UNTIL I listened to Rick and Bubba this morning. They were talking to Mike Nawrocki, the co-founder and voice of Larry the Cucumber of Veggie Tales. (BTW, a new Veggie Tales DVD is out now delivering the message of the real reason we celebrate Christmas, distinguishing the fine line between Santa and the Reason for the Season, and the joy of giving to others.) They ended the segment with Rick speaking of his son, "Cornbread", who went to be with Jesus almost two years ago at the age of 2 1/2. He spoke of Cornbread's love for Larry the Cucumber, how Cornbread was given a life-size Larry the Cucumber, how he carried it around with him EVERYWHERE - to Sunday School, Mom's Day Out, etc. Of course the way Rick recounted those stories was humorous. He said Cornbread loved that LarryBoy so much when they put his earthly body in the ground, they put LarryBoy with him. He told this story to show his appreciation for Mike and Veggie Tales that his son could enjoy something that did not conflict with what Rick and his wife were teaching their children about Christ. I felt really convicted that I woke up this morning dragging my feet complaining of how tired I was because Reid hasn't been sleeping as well as he usually does. Reid is the age Cornbread was when he went to be with Jesus.

Thank you Jesus that he wants to lay in bed with me and Chris and snuggle before going to his own bed. Thank you Jesus that Reid wanted his mama at 3:45 this morning, and I was able to hear his sweet voice saying, "I want lay u bed." Thank you Lord Jesus that he didn't take a nap yesterday at his normal time and ended up going to sleep on the couch giving me time to enjoy watching him sleep and love on him.

I was also having a rough morning missing my baby girl.

Thinking of how much I wanted to be taking her to school this morning, fixing her lunch (still putting notes on her napkins like I did every day), and taking her to cheer at her game tonight. To that I was reminded to be thankful that I still get to hear her sweet voice first thing every morning; that I get to talk to her as soon as she's out of school; that at 5:00 every afternoon you can set your watch by her calling me; that I do still get to kiss her face and tuck her in when she's here; that she's going to be with me on her birthday TOMORROW; that she's going to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with me. I'm humbled. And I'm grateful! I'm so blessed! Thank you Jesus!

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Sweet, Sweet post! Happy Thanksgiving!