Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sweet 16

Pinch me. There's no way this little girl
is celebrating her Sweet 16 today.

Oh but she is. 

Sixteen years ago today (at 7:47 a.m. to be exact) my baby girl came into this world and my life was forever changed. Babies tend to do that, especially since I was a baby too. We've both done a lot of growing up over the past 16 years. She was a little thing, weighing 6 lb. 14 oz., 19 inches long - the smallest of my loves. She had the most beautiful round head. Her due date was November 22 but I was thankful she didn't make me wait. I remember that day like it was yesterday. My mom made a breakfast food for dinner that night then had gone to choir. When she got home I told her I was feeling some discomfort. I said, "How will I know?" She said, "When you can time the pain. And you'll just know." Well, I just knew. We timed them for a while then decided to call my aunt who lived half way between Selma (where I lived) and Birmingham (where my doctor was). After talking to Kay we decided we would head to her house for a quick check to make sure I was actually in labor before going to the hospital. So with regular contractions every few minutes, mom and I headed to Kay's house. Once there she determined that yes ma'am, I was indeed in labor. It was early, though, so we had plenty of time. She showered, I put on make-up between contractions. She and mom gave me the nickname "Thumper" because every time I had a contraction I would thump my foot. :)

We made it to the hospital around midnight. It took a while but I finally got comfortable with the epidural and slept. I seemed to stay at 3 cm FOREVER. My nurse checked me at 6-something and I was still 3. One hour later she checked me again and I was at 10. Whoa! That's progress. It was time.

They told me to be patient that I may have to push for a couple of hours. HA! Whatever. I knew that wasn't gonna fly. I am not that patient. Six pushes and 15 minutes later and we all heard that sweet first cry. Which almost instantly was drowned out by all our cries. Ha! :)

What a gift this precious soul is to me and everyone who loves her - there are a lot of us. She's beautiful. Intelligent. A bit sassy at times. Quick-witted. Loyal. Loves Jesus and has a giving heart. She loves music - hates it if you learn the words to a song before she does. She loves talking about memories. We have a lot of those. She's a momma's girl. And I'm so proud to be her momma.

I found more baby pictures I don't think I've ever posted so here's your warning for picture overload. Because you can never have too many. 

This was actually her 2nd Christmas. Um, she didn't like him.
First smash cake. Now that she did like. :)
She always loved sink baths
Pickle face
Sweet cheeks
One of the many Graystone birthdays
This one cracks me up. 
Do you see her? :)
Sweet Sissy
And now look at her...
Post on all the birthday festivities to come.
We're not done yet.

Happy Sweet 16, baby girl. I love you so very much!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Reid's Turn - KK Thanksgiving Program

Every year the "graduates" of Kiddie Kollege participate in a little Thanksgiving program for the parents. It took place this past Wednesday, and I had one excited little boy. It was finally Reid's turn.

They sang songs.
Recited a few poems.
Prayed a few prayers.
He knew every word to every song (he should've - he's been singing them non-stop), poem and prayer and was practically the loudest one there. :) I think he enjoyed himself. We certainly enjoyed watching him.
Good job! You did us proud, Turbo.

And now... let the birthday festivities begin. Turning 16 means it takes the whole weekend to celebrate!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

They're kind of like my shadow 'cause they're everywhere I go

You probably think I'm exaggerating when I say my children are up under me pretty much 24/7. I mean, sure, maybe two of them will go off and play. But at least one is usually always with me.
See? This was Mac and Reid Saturday in the laundry room with me (where it feels like I spend half my life) while Chris and Grant were hunting. Mac was sitting playing a game on my phone and Reid was doing... well who knows what Reid was doing. At least that bag on his feet wasn't over his face. ;) They both followed me around like my shadow all. day. long.

Sometimes it's almost more than I can handle. Can't I just have any time to myself??? Thankfully those are fleeting thoughts, and I'm left with the sentiment that one day I'm really going to miss these days - the days they can't seem to get enough of their momma and days they're small enough to fit in laundry baskets.

But sometimes it would be nice to go to the bathroom alone. :)

One last thought...
A toboggan. Boxers. Koozies on his hands and feet.
Standing by the fire because he's cold.

I have a feeling that boy is always going to keep me guessing.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Youth Deer Hunt

Youth hunt was this weekend. Chris had barely gotten the words out of his mouth when Grant jumped up and said, "I WANNA GO!" So Professor and his daddy headed out for their first hunt together this season, the first of many I'm sure. 

Not long after they made it to the hunting land I received this picture from Chris: 
Then he had me going for a minute making me think he was letting Grant sit in a stand by himself. Here are the texts that ensued (excuse C's spelling - he was texting while walking haha):
If you know Chris you can just hear him saying it and laughing. ;) I knew better but I will admit the blood pressure was up a little at first. No worries, though.
I received this picture a few minutes later which I knew meant they were both tucked safely away inside the shooting house - Grant curled up in his chair that he's almost too big to curl up in now. He was getting ready for that good ol' nature snooze he takes until daddy wakes him to see some deer. 

Love these memories my guys are making.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wrapping up October: KK Fall Fest, cookies, sugar cane and cast

Since we're well into November (with T-minus 10 days and counting until the big Sweet 16) I figure it's time I had better get my act together for a final October post.

Reid had his fall festival a few weeks ago. Fall festivals at Kiddie Kollege are for KK students only. Reid is considered a "graduate" this year, and Hazel always makes everything extra special for graduates.

Grant and Mac had a ballgame that night so Dawnie was sweet enough to chauffeur us to the fall fest then take us to the game so Chris and I wouldn't have two cars at the ball field.
Being that this was our last Kiddie Kollege fall festival :( we soaked up every bit of it. I think Reid thoroughly enjoyed himself, as did Snuggie and I.

My Turbo
"Aint" Dawnie and Reid
Reid with Mrs. Kala
She was his teacher last year. We dearly love her.
Fun in the bounce house

Reid with Mrs. Rita
We are surely going to miss her!
Their own "pumpkin patch" :)
Trying to find his pumpkin with his name on it
Whew, all that fun and goody-gettin' wore Reid slap out. He decided to take a load off on the side walk with his bag of loot and an apple. Of all things... :)

I hope you're sitting down for this next part. Because I made something. Rather I baked something. I baked something really cute. And tasty. And they look like they're difficult but... did you miss the part where I made them? It was so very simple. Although I will admit that since I don't do crafty/bake-y things a lot I didn't want to try them on my own. I needed a wingman, and Big D was the perfect person for the job. My mom was very sweet to let me come to her house and mess up her kitchen. The coffee was plentiful when I got there, and she made me my favorite breakfast - french toast and bacon. After breakfast we got down to business making... drum roll please...
Candy Corn Sugar Cookies.

How cute are they!?! I was so excited they turned out like they did. The sugar cookie recipe is one I'll keep on hand for future reference. They had a very good flavor and will be a good recipe to use over the holidays for making cookies with the kids.  The dough was easy to work with, and they would be perfect for icing/decorating.

Click on "Candy Corn Sugar Cookies" above for the link to the recipe and tutorial. But here are a few pics:
Separate dough into 3 equal parts, leaving one original color,
then make one orange and one yellow.
Layer in loaf pan and freeze for about 45 minutes
Slice dough as you would a piece of bread (sorry, no pic of that step - I
was too anxious to see if they were going to look right) :)
 then cut off ends and cut into triangles
Place on cookie sheet and bake
I will definitely be making these again, maybe even at Christmas with red, green and white since candy corn seems to make its appearance throughout the year in various holiday colors. We had a great, fun morning in the kitchen. Thanks again, mom! I hope we do it again real soon.

When we don't have our own, Chris will stop by a local produce stand for some tomatoes. He made a stop by there the other day and came home with sugar cane. He knew the boys had never had it (nor had I), so he wanted us to try it.
For the record let me state how happy I am that jacked up front
tooth is now gone. I didn't think that thing was ever going to come
out. And it didn't by itself, a little visit to the dentist was necessary.
As you can see we tried it. I think it's obvious from the pictures who is and isn't a fan.

Cast back on.
With his brothers' overseeing the process of course
Because Mac slap wore the first one out. It was unraveling, had started to rub, was nasty and let's not even get into how it smelled. GAG! That was two weeks into it, and we were really hoping we would leave there without another one. But Dr. Curtis wasn't in, and the other doctor didn't want to make that call. Bueller wasn't happy about getting another one. In case you didn't know this already, CASTS SUCK! He was tough about it the whole time, though, and knew he could handle it for one more week. He opted for a blue one the second go-around, and I think he did an even better job of wearing this one out in one week than he did the orange in two.
I think it's safe to say it was ready to come off for good. Finally.
Mackey loved our nurse. She was great.
And yes, that's the cast beside them. We saved it. I know, I know. Gross. (Even though she cut the smelly inside sock part out). But when he's a teenager we're going to look back at that cast and think how tiny it is.

You wouldn't believe some of the things I've saved. ;)

And with that I think October is good and wrapped up.