Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Our Christmas 2011

We had a blissfully happy Christmas. I am blessed beyond measure. I don't deserve any of it. I'm thankful for all of it.

This will go down in the books as one of the best Christmases yet. And not just because Santa was good to me. Although he was. Too good. It was just a really great Christmas spent with all of our families. 

As usual we laughed, ate, laughed, ate, laughed until we cried and ate until we wanted to cry. And of course there was a plethora of presents.

I'll mostly let the pictures speak for themselves. Consider yourself warned - there are lots of them.

We started Christmas off with going to my mom and dad's house a few days before Christmas. It was just mom, dad, my two sisters and me and our kiddos. It's always a fun, relaxing, easy day enjoying time together. The cousins play while the adults (and now B) sit around eating, catching up and reminiscing. And of course we cut up and laugh and poke fun. All in the name of sisterly love of course.
Uncle Keith sent the boys a surprise box ;)
It got Reid but his reaction was a bit delayed.
Mac wasn't in the room when Reid opened
his box but knew something was up
Granddaddy helped things along
It still got him haha When you open the box
a giant spider comes out and touches your hand.
It still gets me every time and I know what to expect.
You had to be there for this one.
That and, "Dawn, you in the cake..." baaahahaha
B smelling her Tyler pearberry candle -
a favorite of hers because it smells like her momma ;)
All Claire asked for from her AA and Aint Dawnie was a pair of cowboy boots. I had her convinced she wasn't getting them.
So when she did she was a happy little girl! SO fun!
Somehow I got away without a picture of Mary Lou. :(
Turbo opening his gifts in his boxers - he may live in a nudist colony one day
Like Grace, my sisters were not very cooperative with pictures this year  :( Boo
I think it's safe to say he liked his gift
RaRa gave the boys AUsome tooth fairy pillows. :)
LOVE B's smile in this picture (and such a cute gift card)
Mimi was there too although she somehow escaped my paparazzi ways.
Well almost.
As you can see from her expression the newness of Toby has worn off a
bit. hehee Which is hilarious considering he LOVES her. Seriously.
We managed to fill the next couple of days with last-minute trips to Montgomery because apparently Procrastination Polly is glutton for the punishment that is the mall, the Wal-Mart and the Winn Dixie two days before Christmas.

Finally it was Christmas Eve.
Sissy and the boys donned their Christmas Eve pj's
then headed outside to throw out the reindeer food.
Nothing says Christmas like Monster Jam jammies, right?
We are certain we saw Rudolph while we were outside
Earlier in the day Sissy took it upon herself to make these cookies with the boys so Santa would have some yummy, fun cookies to go with his milk. Mimi was sweet to let them use her kitchen while I wrapped up my last-minute Christmas to-do list.
I think they did a superb job! Thanks, Sissy. You rock.
I found a great Santa tracker app on my phone that we had a lot of fun with Christmas Eve night. It was a radar which showed where Santa was and how long it would be until he made his way to our house. The last we checked he was in Canada so we knew we had better hit the sheets because it wouldn't be long. Chris and I were wide awake at 2 a.m. and checked the Santa tracker again. It said, "Santa will see you next year" so we knew he had already come. ;)

Everyone was up around 6 a.m. to see what Santa brought. It's fun to see if Santa ate his cookies and drank his milk. He usually leaves a little note thanking us for the cookies and milk and reminding us that Jesus is the reason for the season. It's always a fun, crazy time and one when I prefer to not be behind the camera. Maybe I should set up a video camera next year because I really want to remember their faces. There's nothing like seeing Christmas through your children's eyes.

My parents always like to see Bethany and the boys on Christmas morning. After we had our family time mom, dad, Snuggie and Nana came by for a quick visit and a breakfast of conecuh casserole, Sister Schubert's blueberry rolls, and cheese grits. Then they headed on their way to spend the rest of the afternoon with The Colleys.

Sissy has so many people who love her that we have to share her on Christmas. We snapped a few pictures before she headed to Selma. 
Obviously from the angle one of the littles took this one :)
Not long after that it was time for Christmas with all The Nortons. We should be ashamed that the only time we all get together is during the holidays. We don't live far from each other, we have a ton of fun and enjoy each other's company so much. I informed them all when they got there they weren't allowed to be cameraphobes.
The boys love cousin Grey.
I don't think Grey loves my camera.
Haylie too - they're the cool, older cousins
Giving Big Daddy some love
Uncle Donnie and Aunt Rae
Rae hooked us up with all kind of yummies for the day
Grandmama Norton giving the boys a good squeeze :)
Grandmama with the grands
Haylie, Mac, Reid, Grant and Grey Nort
Me with my guys. I am so outnumbered when B's not here
The two lovebirds ;)
I thought I would go sit on the lovebirds' lap for a pic with my in-laws
It didn't quite turn out like I imagined... in more ways than one.
Big Daddy, you're a mess. This Big Mama loves you.
Grandmama loves her wine in the evenings. Since one of their dogs broke
her wine glass the other day we decided to get her a new one. By this time
of the day she's probably thinking, "Wish this glass came filled with wine."
Thank goodness Uncle Donnie is a pro at putting toys and games together.
Louise with her daughers-in-law
Louise, you have two lucky sons, right Rae!?! haha
Mother and son
Boy did my man get an equal dose of McHugh and Norton ;)
And lastly,
The four reasons that make our Christmas extra special
Hope your Christmas was as wonderful as ours.

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bueller Bags One

Mr. Competitive could take it no more. Ever since Grant and Sissy got their first deer last season Mac has had the fever. He understood last year he was too small/young, but he kept telling us this year he was ready - that this was his year. To be honest we still didn't really think he was ready.
Leave it to Bueller to prove us all wrong. Yesterday my four guys headed to the hunting land in hopes of seeing a shooter for Grant.

At first it was just going to be Chris and Grant. Then Reid decided he wanted to tag along too. Mac hasn't been wanting to go much this year because he said he wasn't going unless and until he could shoot, as was the case yesterday. However, a little talk between Chris and Grant about a trip to Academy beforehand as well as candy and pizza, and he changed his tune a bit.

I bet he's glad he did.

Chris and Grant went hunting the other day and watched a spike. That same spike was in the field when they got in the stand yesterday. Chris got Grant's attention and mouthed, "Do you want to let Mac shoot it?" Grant being the sweet big brother that he is (and his sister and brothers' biggest "cheerleader")  said, "YES!" So Chris asked Mac if he wanted to shoot it. Of course he wanted to. While I'm not a proponent of killing spikes I was really glad Chris let him. Mac climbed up in his daddy's lap, got the gun situated where he was comfortable with it, and watched the deer through the scope for a while. Chris coached him for a bit and told him to shoot when he was ready. I think they took the safety off three different times before he finally felt ready. :) The fourth time he took the shot. It was a perfect shot. Chris said they watched to make sure he was down then Mac, beaming and grinning like a cheshire cat, looked at Chris and said, "YESSSSS!"
If he looks like he's about to throw up or pass out in that
picture it's because he is. He has a very weak stomach
and said the smell was "Ewwww-wee NAAASTY," and
that he was holding his breath the whole time. :)
That's one proud little 6-year-old deer slayer. Way to go, Mac!

Ok Granddaddy, break out the tools because your Mac-man is requesting a European mount. ;)

Christmas post coming soon... It honestly was the best Christmas yet. So.Very.Blessed.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Have yourself a merry little Christmas

Therefore God has highly exalted Him and bestowed on Him the name
that is above every name, so that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow,
in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess 
that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.
Philippians 2:9-11

Saturday, December 24, 2011

All Things Christmas

So much to do and blog about this time of year yet so little time in which to get it all done.

A few pictures with captions so I won't forget...
Our elf, Jasper appeared a few days after Thanksgiving.
The boys loved the TP on the tree
And that Jasper confirmed he's an Auburn fan
However, Jasper says he's ready to go back to
the NP because he's running out of ideas
Talking with Santa and Mrs. Claus at school
Polar Express Day - so fun to wear jammies to school
Field trip to see some locals in a Christmas play
They thought it was really fun seeing some of their friends perform
Lots of fun Christmas festivities at school
Grant's teacher commented at the class party,
"If only the world were filled with Grants..." :)
He's one kind-hearted, special little man.
The MacDaddy haha
In Kindergarten you can never party enough -
one more to round out 2011
A visit with Santa at the mall - the boys decided
he's the REAL Santa, not just a helper dressed in a suit
We've enjoyed lots of quality time with daddy lately
Even "helping" him while he goes over a set of plans
And building a very homemade Nativity
As soon as we figure out how to make Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus
out of sticks we'll be done. :) 
Enjoying our tree which is overflowing with homemade
ornaments - the best kind!
So thankful my real-live little elf made it safely home :)
It was a long trip with Granddaddy's present...
And maybe the most amazing part of all of this (aside from the fact that she actually okay'd the whole Toby thing)
is that I think my mom (who, if you only knew, is so NOT a dog person) may just like him a wee little bit. Maybe. Just a lil' bit. But shhh. Don't tell her I said that.

Christmas Countdown says...
Merry Christmas Eve!