Thursday, February 21, 2013

Our caboose turns 6

Tuesday, February 19 was Reid's birthday.
He's 6. It takes me a minute to process that. It also takes me a minute to process the fact that my children's ages are 6, 7, 8 and 17. Whoa.
I am sort of over parties for my kiddos. Actually I'm really over parties and have been for a few years. However, it's still their day and I want to do something special ~ something they want to do. If they asked for a party and really wanted it, I would make it happen. Thankfully there are other things they come up with they would rather do. Besides, what better friends to celebrate their birthdays with than the two best friends they get to grow up with: their brothers. :)

Reid had three requests for his birthday: Build-A-Bear, the arcade at the mall beside BAB, and dinner at the restaurant of his choice which was Country's Barbecue ~ because we like to keep things classy. Easy enough.

My poor little Turbo was struck with the flu again. This time he tested positive for Type B which, according to his pediatrician, doesn't seem to be as intense or contagious as Type A which is what we all had in December. And it's from the Devil. After a dose of Motrin and a breathing treatment he would be bouncing off the walls. So we tried to time the birthday outing just right.

First stop: Build-A-Bear. I sometimes forget my boys are still babies... until I see them in a place like Build-A-Bear.

They loved it and took it quite serious. ;)

Next stop was the arcade. It smelled like a combination of dirty feet and cigarette smoke. Gag! After going broke from buying enough tokens for everyone we left there with “prizes” from tickets they won which may have totalled $3.00. Oh, OH and I got whipped by Mac in a game of air hockey. The nerve.

My little Turbo was fading fast so we decided it was time to get some food. He couldn't wait for some Country's Barbecue sweet tea. True southern boy.

Thankfully we had the back of the place to ourselves, especially since Chris started this:
Blowing up the plastic sleeve the utensils were in then popping it - see? Classy.
POP! haaaahahahaha
He couldn't stop laughing
Can I really do it, momma? And not get in trouble?
Two peas in a pod/double trouble
Exhibit A: They didn't know the other was doing it.

It was a good night.

Happy 6th Birthday to my hilarious, energetic, sweet-loving, tough-as-nails little Turbo. We love you so so much.