Tuesday, November 17, 2009


We are officially done with baby beds. Sniff. Sniff. I have been of the mindset (and thankfully so has our pediatrician) that my children would stay in a crib until they start climbing out of it. And it has baffled me for quite some time that, before two nights ago, Reid never figured out how to get out of his baby bed. I mean the boy climbs on top of, over, under, and/or around just about anything. All he really had to do was throw one leg over and jump down but either didn't think of it or just liked his crib. He's always been one to need his own bed to sleep. But two nights ago he kept telling me he didn't want to go night-night. He will be 3 in February so we've been through these phases before. Out of the blue he'll start with he's not ready to go night-night, then cry in his bed until he realizes I'm not going to get him out, and he'll go on to sleep. That may last a few nights or maybe even a week or so, but he eventually realizes he's not going to win that battle. But he started that back up Sunday night, and a few minutes later, Chris and I had a bed-buddy. Last night was the same way but he got out of his bed with his blanket too. I have a fear of the blanket getting caught on the bed then him getting caught up in the blanket or something. It's time. He has stayed in his crib almost a year longer than I expected him to so I cannot complain, but it makes a mama sad! This is it for us. No more baby beds. Tonight will be the first night in his "big boy bed." I'm quite anxious because Reid is one of these that NEEDS boundaries. Having the freedom to get in and out of that bed is going to be a challenge. Then again, maybe he's more ready than I think. Maybe this is just what he needs! I guess we'll see.

Sweet pic of Reid 4 days old snoozing on daddy's chest - where does the time go?

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