Monday, November 9, 2009


I have every intention of posting a recap of our weekend but it must wait.  The mountain of laundry I neglected this weekend is not getting any smaller.  However, I wanted to share something that made me laugh.  This morning has been a Monday for sure.  We are having a time with Reid these days throwing his share of tantrums if the least little thing doesn't go his way. Let me give you an example.  I needed stamps the other day, and the post office was closed.  I knew Winn Dixie had them so I told the boys we were going to Winn Dixie ONLY to get stamps - that we would run in, go straight to the cashier, get the stamps and head on out.  IF ONLY!  We all got out, walked right inside the door, got to the shopping carts and Reid said he wanted the one that's like a car.  I barely get out of my mouth, No, Reid, we don't need a ... and he started screaming, I WANT THE CAR. I WANT THE CAR. I WANT THE CAR. I tried to pick him up and he did the move where he completely loses his armpits, you know the one, where they can just wiggle out of your arms, leaving you nothing to hold on to.  He proceeds to throw himself on the floor, took off his boots and threw them at me.  ALL OF THIS TOOK PLACE AT THE ENTRANCE OF WINN DIXIE.  There was no reasoning with him, trying to explain.  He wasn't hearing it.  All he knew was he wanted that car (I'm sure the person who invented those did so with the best of intentions, but they have caused me more grief than not), he wasn't getting it, and he wanted me and the world to know he didn't like it.  To say I was mortified doesn't even cover it.  Needless to say I didn't get my postage stamps, but Reid did get his hiney "stamped."  This morning was not much different when he realized Mac remembered to bring along his monster truck to play with on the way to school and he did not. Only that's not what got him going.  It was the fact that I wouldn't turn around and go back home to get it.  What he will soon discover is that the monster truck now belongs to ME. Rachel is having a Monday all day herself as she is home with two sick children.  We were texting about our mornings this morning, and when I told her about Reid she texted back, "Hello Terrible Twos!  Please see your way out."  I second that, Martha!  I will admit, though, with a face like this, he gets away with waaaay more than he should:

Happy Monday, friends, Happy Monday!


Tara said...

That's the trouble with those babies of ours...that look right there will get you (almost) every time, and they flat sure know it!! I owe you an email, but I just got a phone call that a 'serious' buyer wants to see our house at 3:45 AND I've got 4 million and one shirts to get out today. Maybe you'll get that reply next month...I don't want to over promise and under deliver! :)

Ford Family said...

How can that cute face, do anything like that?! ; )