Thursday, May 27, 2010


Chris and I found out about another bike rally this weekend not too far from us, and we were able to work it out to go. Two get-aways within one month - I believe we're making history. :) We're only going to be gone a couple of nights because we decided three was a bit much last time. We've had a blast at the other ones we've been too, and I'm sure we'll have just as much if not more fun this time! It's just going to be the two of us, we're not meeting up with anyone, so I'll be sure to take my own pictures this time! So, I'll say it again, bring on the Harleys, pasties, boobies and leather. We're bike rally bound - HA! :)

Before we go let me say that this past weekend was one of the most wonderful weekends ever. It was Rachel's dance recital (and I cannot tell you how much I look forward to that) as well as a whole weekend with "Aint Dawnie". :) Mom, I 100% plan to do a post on everything with all the pictures I took when I get back - promise! Until then, a few pics from the recital.

Both my baby girls:

Thin Mint and PFat

The boys with their GaGa. And I'm pretty sure the expression on Reid's face 
could sum up how Martha felt by the time it was all over. :)

More to come...

And one more for the road, just a random one of Reid I liked:

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


After a full day of swimming, he couldn't even finish his mac-n-cheese.

Monday, May 24, 2010


Bethany's Honors Day program was last week, so the boys and I hopped in the car and headed north to be there. It was a quick trip anyway but with a teenager who's calendar is quite full this time of year, it was one of those whirlwind trips. But we wouldn't have missed it. I was so proud to watch as she received  an award for "A" Honor Roll as well as the President's Award for Educational Excellence in recognition of Outstanding Academic Excellence. I've said before it doesn't surprise any of us how she excels in everything she does, but we're still proud nonetheless! Congratulations, Umby! I love you more than words and am so proud of your accomplishments! I have no doubts you will continue to excel in high school as well. We couldn't ask for a better role model for your brothers and sisters.

Receiving one of her two awards:

And I must say, she did look FAB.U.LOUS!

Grant's End-of-the-Year Program as well as Kindergarten Awards Day also took place last week. They worked really hard on the program, and considering there were around 125 five and six year-olds in the program, I think they did an amazing job. 

Grant's part in the program was supposed to be that of a rock and roll guitar player. If you know Grant you also know this was WAY out of his comfort zone. This was about the best picture I could get being that he hid behind his buddy most of the time. :)

Grant receiving his Kindergarten Certificate of Completion:

To make a special day even more special, we were surprised by a visit from my Martha, my Grace and my Claire. Although if you ask Mac, he wasn't surprised a bit. "RaRa's always here," he said. And she is - always - no matter how many thousands of things she may be trying to juggle - she always makes time for us. Which is what makes her the best RaRa ever! 

RaRa with her Baby Love:

Mackey and my Claire watching the program:

ALLOW ME TO BRAG A BIT MORE (and then I promise I'm done - at least for this post) :)

Every week since the beginning of school, the PE department has picked one girl and one boy to be "Sportsman of the Week" in PE. The Sportsman of the Week was not necessarily a student who may have excelled in PE. But one who is a team player, a friend to his peers, someone who follows the rules, who is always willing to help others, who has good conduct, and who they believe is an all-around good student. Grant received Sportsman of the Week early in the school year. At the end of this year, the PE coaches decided they wanted to pick one girl and one boy from each grade who had been Sportsman of the Week to be Sportsman of the Year. 

I'm quite proud to say that Grant received the award for Kindergarten Sportsman of the Year. And although I had been made aware (to make sure we were there to see him get it) he had no idea. And I think he was quite surprised. :) 

Receiving his award from Coach Hall (their award was having their picture on the cover of  Redland Elementary School PE's own "Prime Sports Magazine" - HA!):

Showing everyone his "magazine cover": 

Obviously it's a mock magazine but he thought it was pretty cool.

Grant has had a wonderful Kindergarten year. I'm amazed at what all he has learned. He's reading, doing math, his test scores have been great, and most of all he truly enjoys school. And it's all thanks to this special lady:

Being able to teach is a gift. Being able to teach Kindergarten to 24 students is miraculous. We have been so blessed to have her in our lives. She's someone I've had the pleasure of getting to know and someone who is dear to my heart. She speaks of retirement a good bit, but she knows that's out of the question. At least for the next 3 years because I can't imagine Mac or Reid going through Kindergarten without her!

Thank you, Mrs. Schweers! It's on to 1st Grade we go. And I know he's ready.

I'm so proud of both my honorees!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


And there's so much I want to post about. Hopefully I'll have a chance to before the week is out. In the meantime, me and these three little wild indians are headed to North Alabama to see Sissy's Honors Day program. And let me tell you, these little boys are beyond excited!

Be back soon...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


First allow me to say that although I haven't posted anything about it yet (I'm still waiting on pictures from our "designated photographer" for the weekend), Chris and I had a great time in PCB at Thunder Beach. The weather was less than desirable, but we made the most of it for sure! It was crazy fun, and I can't wait to see the pictures.

I realize I'm a bit late but if I don't post these now, it won't get done. Then when I look back I'll wish I had.

Grant's birthday really snuck up on me this year, so at the very last minute (which is not unusual for me) we threw together a swimming party for him. Sometimes the opportunity presents itself for picture-taking. Then there are those times like Saturday, when at one point you have close to 20 children in and around your pool, when it just doesn't.

Here are a few I managed to get from the party:

B will probably kill me for this one, but she and GaGa were in charge of Snow Cones:

After snow cones, we had ice cream sundaes. There isn't one single picture of those because they were gone in a flash. :)

Then came the cake:

As always, my friend Amy came through with a great cake. She's been making our cakes I think since Grant's first birthday, and I can't imagine anyone else being in charge of it.

Everyone got their own water shooter which made for some great fun as well as some wet parents. :)

Of course, when you're dealing with Turbo, sometimes someone else's fun isn't always your own:

No worries. It was a piece of cake to snap him out of it - pun intended. Hee hee.

Martha, as usual thank you so much for helping me get everything ready. When I tucked Grant in the night of his party he made the comment it was the best party ever. It really was a lot of fun. I wouldn't have been able to pull it off without you! Thank you and all your Thin Mintness! P Fat loves you big much!


This may go down in history as one of the best Mother's Day ever. With Grant's party being the day before as well as UFC that night, everyone was worn out. We all slept in a bit Sunday, Bethany and all my guys took me to lunch, then we all spent the rest of the afternoon by the pool. It was a day where nothing was on the agenda except enjoying each other's company. And it was perfect.

I'm so thankful for these four precious ones who are the reason I get to call myself mom:

Things were going so smoothly I was starting to worry. ;) Everyone woke up in a good mood, no fighting.  Lunch was awesome - everyone got along and enjoyed themselves. The weather was perfect, and we're all having a great time. So, I thought, what gives? HA!

Never to worry. Remember those water shooters from the party? Well Grant thought it would be funny to squirt Sissy with one.

Can you tell from this look she didn't think the same thing? And this was AFTER she had calmed down.

Then daddy had to get in on the action only in usual Chris fashion had to step it up a notch:

Which lead to this:

Which ultimately led to this:

Those are the babies I know and love. See, I was worried for nothing. 

A snow cone or two later and we were all smiles again:

Ahhh, my Mother's Day was complete! :)

Monday, May 10, 2010


My little G-Man is 6 years old today. He is one of the kindest, most loving and caring people I know. He is a thinker, a worrier actually (wonder where he gets that). He's always looking out for his sister and brothers. He's quite responsible for his age. He loves much and cares deep. He's intelligent and very curious about everything - asks questions constantly and every answer I give comes with another question. He listens very well, takes everything in and takes time to learn new things. He's a bit of a perfectionist (yet again, don't know where he could get that) :). He loves to hunt, fish, play baseball, and will kick your booty in almost any Wii game. He takes after me in the sweets department - he could eat chocolate, donuts and cake for every meal. I rarely have to ask him to do something more than once. If I need anything, he's the first to jump and offer his help. He loves to "just talk." He's been known to take you by the hand, walk you to his bedroom, and say, "Let's just go talk." His laugh is infectious. He loves the Lord and tells me Jesus is in his heart. He's very eager to learn whatever he can about the Bible. He truly is a great kid and one I'm very blessed and proud to call my son. 

Happy Birthday, Grant! We love you so much and are so proud of you!

Through the years: