Sunday, February 19, 2012

Reid Carter Norton

Five years ago today our little caboose completed our family of 6.

His little life was unplanned and completely unexpected. In fact, there were a few people who weren't very happy about the fact that I was pregnant... again. For the third time in less than three years. And one may have even been a little rude when I told her the news. - I'm looking at you, Martha. ;) But that was strictly out of concern for me. Once the shock wore off everyone was excited about our new addition.

My three previous pregnancies were so easy. Textbook. His was anything but. At one point we even thought we lost him. I'll never forget being in the ER with my mom that night. The nurse came in to do an ultrasound, and at first we weren't able to see the little flicker of his heartbeat. We both sat silently, sinking into our seats while the nurse (who had a look of concern on her face but wouldn't say anything) scanned my belly for what seemed like an eternity. On the way home we both talked and admitted thinking the same thing... This is what it's like to find out you lost your baby. Thankfully that beautiful heartbeat appeared. I'm quite sure at that moment there were audible sighs of relief.

Because of this and because I would need to be closely monitored I made the decision to change to a doctor in Montgomery. It was such a hard decision as I had used Dr. Gray since my pregnancy with Bethany. He was all I had ever known, and he delivered Bethany, Grant and Mac. I couldn't fathom anyone else delivering our last baby. However, my labors are fairly quick (Mac's was 3 hours from induction to delivery) and we were worried that Reid would come even quicker. Not to mention the drive to Birmingham for routine appointments were tough enough without the additional monitoring. After a few recommendations from friends and much prayer, Dr. Kouri entered the picture. He's a saint. I don't have enough great things to say about that man.

Our first visit with Dr. Kouri included our gender ultrasound.
It was a bit early (they like for you to be 20 weeks) but since it was the first visit and close enough, they decided to go ahead with it. It was then they discovered some things that made them question Reid's health. A few trips to UAB (ironic, huh? more trips to Birmingham) revealed his health was fine but that mine could possibly be at risk. Not only that, Chris and I both worried ourselves sick that Reid would have special needs of some kind. Even with all of the high-tech ultrasounds and tests that were run, all of which showed Reid was seemingly healthy, we just had a feeling. It was like everywhere we turned we would see a child with special needs - like God was preparing us for what was to come. We had accepted it in a sense.

We were just ready for him to get here. It was a long pregnancy.

So on February 19, 2007 at 12:10 p.m. after an easy labor - thankfully all of mine were -  when Turbo made his entrance into the world weighing 7 lb. 9 oz (the smallest of my boys), 20 inches long, we were praising the good Lord for our healthy baby boy. And knew without a doubt he would be our last.

The first thing Chris and I both noticed were his overlapping toes.
Our pediatrician assured us that everything was fine - that he didn't anticipate any problems with his walking. He was right.
Bless his little footprints. :)
His little piddies are still that way.
I love those little jacked up toes. :)

A few things about him at this age:

He is hilarious - without meaning to be. He's loving, especially to me. He's a momma's boy. Stubborn. Strong-willed. He has a short fuse. He is jealous if he thinks I'm giving one of his siblings more attention than I'm giving him. He loves music. LOVES it. He likes to listen to music with headphones which I love because he thinks since we can't hear the music we can't hear him singing either. hehee He is a meat lover - steak, bacon, sausage, ham, chicken, deer meat - pretty much any meat. He still loves his blankie. He has one corner of the blanket he calls his "softy thing" which has to be in his right hand when I tuck him in. If I don't put the softy thing on the right side he calls me back in his room to fix it saying, "You forgot the softy thang," in all his southern-ness. He still says "trang" for train, and I can't bring myself to correct him. He loves sweet tea although he doesn't eat many sweets. Except Oreos. He'll tear into some Oreos. When we talk about church or Jesus he'll stop and say, "Momma, I really love Jesus." Aside from Bethany I think he may be my most soft-hearted. While watching The Lion King for the first time over Christmas break he ran up to me and said, "Momma, this is so sad. Simba's dad is DEAD. It made a tear come in my eye." :) He loves to help, and he's always the first one there when I call on the boys for help. Whether it's helping Chris bring the groceries in from the car, helping me put them up, or helping me with laundry or dishes he just likes to help. Especially in the kitchen. He wants to be a "shelf" a/k/a chef when he grows up (post on that soon). He's the baby and he doesn't mind being called it. In fact, he takes full advantage of it.

A few stats:
*Weight: 35 lbs.
*Jeans size:  4 - adjustable waist pulled in all the way
*Shirt size: 5
*Shoe size: 10. He has teeny feet.

I love you, Turbo. I cannot for a second imagine our family without you in it. We're so thankful for and blessed by your sweet life.

Happy Birthday!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

The day without glaze.

Oh Krispy Kreme, you let me down. I never thought I would utter such profanity.

How can you present your beautiful, special Valentine's heart-shaped donuts with icing and sprinkles (both of which I personally could do without - it's all in the shape - a heart donut - with no hole - which equals one extra bite of deliciousness so who needs icing and sprinkles). But I went with the sprinkles because they're pretty and festive. And well because these weren't really technically for me anyway.

I waited with eager anticipation for Valentine's Day to arrive so I could pick these lovelies up. I headed toward the light just after 8 a.m. Tuesday morning. I had five dozen (no we didn't need the full five dozen - I planned ahead for extras... duh!) in my car before 9. I had to smell the heavenly aroma all morning until it was time for Mac's party around 1. Torture. My mouth watered as I placed a donut on each child's plate. It was hard to refrain from popping a kid or two on the back of the head when they said, "No thank you. I don't want a donut."

How could you not want a donut? That's just not normal.

I decided I would have one during Mac's party and of course would have another during Grant's party which immediately followed. I didn't want to be rude. 

The moment had finally come. Everyone in Mac's class had a plate full of goodies and were pumping themselves full of sugar. It was my turn. Time to indulge. Mmmmmm. I couldn't wait. Look at these things.
Well looks are deceiving.

I took one bite and... NO GLAZE. What the??? NO glaze? I don't care if you put icing on them, dip them in chocolate, roll them in sprinkles then rinse and repeat. You gotta glaze them first. What's a donut without glaze? I'll tell you what it is, it's a big fat letdown is what it is. Which, in the grand scheme of things I guess is better than a big fat ass - B said it was a sign. :( We're both trying to exercise more and make healthier food choices. Although you wouldn't have known that had you been a fly on the wall Sunday and saw that I we dusted off almost an entire batch of Paula Deen's gorilla bread. Weekend calories don't count, right!?! Baby steps.

The stupid unglazed dumb no-glaze heart donuts with sprinkles and icing (as if those two things could take the place of glaze) were a hit with the kids, though. I forced myself to finish the one I bit into but oh what sadness filled my unglazed heart. Have I mentioned the heart-shaped donuts from Krispy Kreme weren't glazed? Because they weren't.

Thankfully my sweet Valentine made up for it.

Last week Chris surprised me with a Keurig. To be honest it's not something I thought I would ever want. Until I got one. Now I really heart my Keurig.
So does B. Especially after we discovered they make green tea K-cups in the same brand Starbucks uses to make theirs. We were on a mission this weekend to perfect her "iced green tea extra-sweet" that she is hooked on gets in Decatur where she's a few short minutes from anything. However, we are 30 minutes from the nearest Starbucks so she goes into a bit of withdrawals when she's here. :) A stop by Bed, Bath & Beyond for the K-cups then a stop by Starbucks for their Classic Syrup (where they were so sweet to include a pump, without which B was sure our efforts would fail) and we made our way home.
I'm happy to report it was a success. After a little trial and error we figured out what size cup and which setting worked best as well as how many pumps of syrup it needs. I'm still not completely sold on the whole green tea thing but I'm beginning to acquire a taste for it. And as far as K-cups and coffee, I'm really picky about my coffee so for me the reusable K-cup which allows me to fill it with my own brand of coffee has been my favorite. The boys love it too - we've had more hot chocolate this past week than the whole winter. :) Needless to say the Keurig is a winner!

My guy didn't forget me on the actual day either although I neither anticipated nor expected to receive anything. He brought home some beautiful roses which actually smelled like roses - a hard find for some reason. And they weren't red - thank goodness. :) I love fresh flowers on the island in the kitchen.
But the best thing Chris gave me was something that can't be bought. Tuesday morning after I left the house he sent me a text that just said, "Happy valentines day. I love u." I got butterflies. I know. It sounds so silly and corny and I can't believe I just typed that but I love that he can still make me feel like a giddy school girl. So simple. So unexpected. So sweet. That alone would have been more than enough.

All the K-cups and donuts in the world can't make me feel like that.

Well... the "Hot Now" sign runs a close second. haha! I am normally the girl who rolls her eyes at the corniness that goes along with Valentine's Day, but what's to snub about a day to make your loves feel especially loved.

I'll close with a few pictures from the boys' parties.
Notice he couldn't wear red without making sure he wore his
Auburn sports necklace with it. His PE coaches would have
given him a hard time had he not. :)
Mrs. Schweers & Bueller
We sure hope the tradition continues next year with Reid
Sweet brothers
I hope your day was as sweet as ours.

Friday, February 10, 2012

After seeing that picture I think I need to chaperone

That's what Granddaddy texted Bethany after seeing this picture of her the night of her formal. I think we all felt that way.

It's still so hard to believe B is old enough for these type things. But I guess it's not possible for a toddler to be wearing a mini dress and four-inch heels, huh? (Well, aside from the whole Toddlers &Tiaras thing - "A dolla makes me holla honey boo-boo." baahahahaha If you don't know what I'm talking about please YouTube what I quoted and it will come up).

I digress.

Yet more proof that my baby girl is growing up. {Sigh}.

It was time once again for JUG's winter formal. Time to head north. Time for lunch at Panera (that one's a given), a shellac manicure (which turned out fabulous), and a trip to Target to remedy the last-minute, "Uh, mom... I never got any earrings to wear with my dress." Finally it was time for hair and makeup. And of course, pictures.
Excuse my bare feet - someone opened the flood gates...all day.
My shoes were soaking wet. Not to mention, I just hate shoes
B & Snuggie
Getting out some last-minute jitters before Wallsboro showed up :)
B & William
Isn't she beautiful! He thought so too. 
I think it's time for an upgrade - this was the best
picture I could get of lead out. Boo :(
After lead out all the girls leave to change into their band party dresses and head back to dance the night away. No pictures of that as I guess it would be pretty lame for parents to be a part of that. :) Speaking of lame, Bethany used that word to describe the band. She made it home about an hour before her curfew. No complaints here. We were texting that morning and I wrote, "Well did you not have fun at all?" She replied, "No it was awful. The band was so bad it was embarrassing. Like seriously they were playing Michael Jackson." Ok, guess it makes me lame that I think that sounds like a pretty fun band. HA!

I used the word "lame" way too much in the previous paragraph. Lame.

Again, I digress. :)

Days like that also mean at least 6 hours in a car, the return trip being after lead out which STARTS at 8 p.m. Y'all, that is so late. It also means a few hours of killing time between when B and her date go to dinner and lead out. I knew I needed at least one of my cronies with me. And by cronies I mean sisters. Last winter formal both of my sisters accompanied me, and we had hoped to make it a tradition. However, Rachel had prior commitments. Since it was for an Emmaus walk we forgave her. Thankfully Snuggie was able to get off of work to not only keep me company but also thoroughly entertained. We're never short of laughs when we're together.

To Dawnie, thanks for going with me. You know how much it means. ;) To Chris, thank you for understanding how important things like this are to me and for taking the day to spend with our boys while I spend it with my girl. Coming home to you and my boys (especially with a UFC fight on - SCORE!)... well there's nothing like it. I never want it any other way. I love you.

And to my beautiful B, you make me proud. I love you so very much. I wish you could see yourself through my eyes.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

One last hunting post for this season

Well Grant ended the hunting season one-up on Mac. Mac hunted his little heart out the last few days of the season to no avail. I think the deer get smart toward the end of the season.

Not all of them, though. Oh no. Not the one Grant shot. He was, well... let's just say he was special.

A friend of Chris', Steve, invited Chris to take Grant hunting on his property. He said he had been seeing an 8 point in the field that would be a good deer for Grant. Well Grant didn't get the chance to shoot that deer, but he did bag a 9-point.
Wouldn't you know I cut the deer's head out of this picture.
Oh well, it shows the most important part. 
And not just any 9-point I tell you. This deer was a dwarf. I kid you not. A dwarf deer. Apparently they're very rare. Ya think!?! It only weighed about 110 lbs. It was 5-6 years old. It had short stumpy legs (I'm laughing as I type this), as well as a short face. He was also missing most of his teeth - didn't realize Elmore County produced redneck deer too. HA!

Dwarf or not you couldn't tell it by the horns. Grant was one happy hunter (and Chris was a proud papa), and we can't wait for Granddaddy to work his magic on a mount.

Speaking of mounts, Grant also killed a five-point earlier in the season. Jack the Taxidermist brought the finished product over this past week.
I think we're going to need to turn the play room into a trophy room before too long.

More so than trophies on the wall, what I love about the hunting season is the time Chris and the boys spend together. However, I would be lying if I didn't admit I'm glad it's over for now. It's nice to have my guys home in the afternoons. Not to mention I got my chef back. :)

One more thing so I don't forget it.

Grant has been sick this week. When I picked him up Monday from school the moment I saw him I knew he had fever. He missed school Tuesday. He toughed it out yesterday since he woke up without fever but went to bed early last night.

Back to Tuesday. Reid woke up fine and dandy Tuesday morning but as soon as he found out Grant was staying home from school he tried everything in the book to stay home as well. However, it's tax time so there was no way I could get any work done with two of them at home. He tried it all from my stomach hurts to my head hurts to I don't feel good to I feel like I have fever, etc., etc., etc. None of those worked so in a last ditch effort to tug on the ol' heartstrings he said, "But momma, my heart hurts when I don't stay home with you."

Good try, Turbo. It almost worked.
Hard to resist that :)