Thursday, February 10, 2011


I've won Mother of the Year enough that I thought I'd add Wife of the Year to my collection of awards as well.

Chris is feeling a bit under the weather. He is running a low-grade fever, has a cold and overall just isn't feeling well. But being self-employed means you don't get to call in sick. He was getting ready to head out for work and I remembered we had some Theraflu in the cabinet from when Bethany had the flu. I asked him if he wanted to try it. He isn't one to take medicine so when he said yes I knew he must be feeling pretty rotten. I gave him a dose, he took it, and I went on about my business getting the boys ready for school.

Right before he left he came over to kiss me bye as he does every morning and said, "Bye, baby, I love you. I'm going to work. But I may not be gone long since you just gave me nighttime Theraflu."

Me: "No I didn't. We don't even have the nighttime kind."

Chris: "Yeah, we do. And I just took it. And I really need to be able to work all day today. I have a lot going on."

Me: "I think you must've read the box wrong or something. I haven't bought that kind."

So I go in the kitchen and take a look for myself.

Yep, that says nighttime.

Me: "OH! Wait. Oh crap, honey. I totally forgot I bought a combo pack when Bethany had the flu with both daytime and nighttime because she couldn't sleep. I must've grabbed the nighttime assuming it was daytime {ya think?}. Oh my gosh I'm so sorry!"

Chris:  "Yeah, me too. See you in a little bit."

And with that... Wife of the Year.

Snow. The weatherman told us again it was coming. Grant woke Reid up to look outside to see it (obviously not looking outside for himself beforehand). School was delayed for it. And once again we got none of it causing Reid to have a complete meltdown.

They delayed school because of the possibility of a dusting of snow. Really? A dusting? GIVE ME A BREAK!! I'm so over winter. I've actually been over it because I'm never into it but held out for this one more chance of seeing some snow. And nothing. So let's get on with spring, shall we?!? Because snow or no snow it's too cold to be outside and this cabin fever causes us to become desperate for entertainment.

And courtesy of Grant's DSi:

Well it's noon and I haven't seen nor heard from Chris. I'm hoping that's a good thing. I'm just waiting for a call from one of his guys saying they found him sleeping in his truck on one of his job sites. HA!


Ford Family said...

Too funny wife of the year!! :)

Tara said...

Would you please tell Mac he needs to bring whatever that is on his hands and feet next time he comes to our house? Looks like something we would like!

And hey, look on the bright side. A delayed school opening beats all our snow days any day. I can feel the insanity setting in...I cannot take anymore! I swear it feels like just one snow day sets me back a week. This winter has kicked my rear!!