Monday, February 14, 2011


Chris and I both are at a point where we really don't feel the need to go all out for things for each other like birthdays and even Christmas. I mean, he's gotten me some really great gifts in the past. And don't get me wrong, I've loved them all and appreciate getting them, but they aren't necessary. So of course on Valentine's Day the showering of gifts isn't really a big deal. We get the kids a little candy and a balloon (which the boys in turn either suck the helium out of or fight each other with until one pops), say Happy Valentine's Day and carry on like business as usual. This past Saturday I headed to Decatur without children and with my two sisters for Bethany's winter formal - post on that coming. It was an absolutely fantastic day which I didn't think could get any better. Well when I got home (which was late so Chris was already in bed), I walked in to find flowers, socks and a couple of other little happy's on the table for me. The flowers were beautiful.

But y'all. 

He thought to get me socks. I have been in some serious need for socks. I hate shoes so as soon as I get home I can't get in the door good and I'm taking them off. Not only do my feet get cold but I cannot stand to feel any kind of grit on my feet. I can sweep and swiffer all day long but with tile and hardwood floors there's no getting it all up. So as fast as I can get my shoes off I'm putting on socks. If I'm home, I'm walking around in socks. Because of that almost all of mine have holes in the bottom. It drives Chris crazy to see me wearing a pair with holes so he will literally take them off my feet and throw them in the fire if we have one going. :) My sock stash has dwindled. But I'm picky. There is one certain kind I like, and I just don't ever think to get them. 

But he did. And it made my heart go pitter-patter. ;) Silly and corny but so true. He didn't have to get me anything but since he did I seriously can think of nothing better. 

Something Chris always needs is charcoal and lighters for the Big Green Egg. He uses natural wood charcoal instead of briquettes and the kind he likes you can't find just anywhere. Being that we cook out almost every night it seems we're always needing it. He also is the world's worst about losing the big lighters he uses to light the grill. So guess what... 

Charcoal and lighters is what he has waiting on him when he gets home. And I promise you he'll appreciate it. Especially since he doesn't think he's getting anything. 

See. True love = socks and charcoal. HA! 

And because I'm missing her, a picture of my beautiful First Valentine from Saturday (and there are many more where that came from all of which I will probably post because I can't pick my favorites - as I said, post to come):
Happy Valentine's Day!!

Here's hoping all of you get your "socks and charcoal" today. 


Ford Family said...

Happy Valentine's Day! I love this cute and I love that Chris got you some sweet happies! Oh my..what a beauty B is..can't wait to read and see your next post! xoxo!

Tara said...

What a good picture of Bethany that is. She looked so beautiful, didn't she? Can't believe she's really old enough to be doing these kinds of things!