Tuesday, February 22, 2011


As we did this past October for Mac, when Reid's birthday rolled around we opted to forego a big party. For now I've had my fill of them. I love getting to see and spend time with friends I don't get to see very much and of course the kids love seeing their friends, but it's always a lot of work. After the party is over I find myself feeling like I never really spent time with the person the day is supposed to be celebrating. Of course we have to have some type of celebration so Reid decided on Chuck E. Cheese. I discovered in planning it that the date and time we set was also when my cousin wanted to have his son, Ethan's 3rd birthday party. We decided to make it a full-on family affair and have them together.

Between all of us, just family mind you, we had 13 children. Oh my word that place should dispense alcohol for adults like it does tokens for children. :)

But it was as easy as a trip to Chuck E. Cheese can be, the kiddos enjoyed themselves as did the adults, and most of all it was what Reid wanted.



We were home in time to enjoy soaking up another beautiful day of sunshine and warmer temps. Warmer temps that made two certain crazy teenage girls put on their bathing suits to lay out then subsequently beg me to let them swim.

Ummm, not no but HECK NO!

They begged and pleaded until finally I agreed to let them see for themselves that we are still a couple of months away (at least) from enjoying the pool. As quick as they went in...
They came right back out. I TOLD YOU SO!!! ;)


Amanda said...

They have gotten so big! It seems just like yesterday Reid was just coming home and me and Bethany made y'all a welcome home banner! Miss you! Give the boys my love!

Tara said...

It makes my teeth chatter just looking at the picture of the kids in the pool. They're brave souls! Looks like Chuck E. Cheese was a hit...but then again, I'm not sure it's ever a miss! Especially when you bring a ginormous cookie cake. Those things are my number one weakness!