Wednesday, February 23, 2011


The only reason I have any idea what that post title means is because I have a teenage daughter.

I don't Twitter. Wait... Tweet?? Whatever it's called, I'm not into it. I don't Facebook either. I tried my hand at FB and it wasn't for me. Who has time for that? Apparently most people these days because I'm most certainly out of the loop not being a participant. It's so funny to see the look on someone's face I haven't seen in a while when they ask if I'm on Facebook and I tell them no. It's like they have to pause for a moment to gain their composure. :) I know it can be a great tool for connecting with people and keeping up with people, but the way I feel about some of the stuff people put on FB is similar to how I feel about those stickers on someone's vehicle representing how many people/animals are in their family:  Unnecessary and annoying. Sorry if I just offended anyone reading this who is a vehicle sticker-lover. It's personal preference. They're just not mine.

Anyhoo, I think I mentioned in Reid's birthday post that he loves music. He seriously cannot hear a beat without moving to it somehow. We attended a funeral this past weekend for a relative, and he was even tapping his foot in the pew as a song was being sung. In particular he loves The Biebster. He goes around singing Baby without even realizing it. If he ever sees this when he gets older he'll likely hate me for posting about the fact that he enjoys the music of a boy teen pop star. ;) But hey, Justin Bieber has collaborated with the likes of Ludacris and Usher and now maybe Rascal Flatts. So I say Turbo has fine taste in music (he loves Beastie Boys too and sports a RUN DMC t-shirt) HA! But not only does he enjoy his music, Bethany and I have always thought he kinda favors the star too.




So Bethany had the idea to TwitPic a picture of Reid to Justin Bieber in hopes that he would maybe give the Mini Bieber a shout out. I hated to be Negative Nelly but I told B that there's likely someone on the Biebster's payroll who actually handles his Twitter account and that I had serious doubts about a HAPPY BIRTHDAY REID tweet. She wouldn't hear of it. I do love her optimism. I believe she suffers from a bit of Bieber Fever herself. And proud of it. If I'm being honest I'm a fan too and really want to see his movie with Bethany.

As the day progressed B kept checking.


Jeez, I mean, doesn't this international pop phenomenon have anything better to do than check his Twitter account which likely has thousands upon thousands of whatever-you-call-them and make a four-year-old birthday boy's wish come true?!?

I hope it's obvious I'm kidding. So no shout out, but it's for the best because I think Bethany may have gone into cardiac arrest if there had been one. The whole thing was fun, though. Thank you for trying, Sissy! You're the best big sister ever and make life more fun!!

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