Monday, February 21, 2011


This past Saturday was baseball tryouts here in Wetumpka for Grant and Mac. Chris and his friend, Jay, our coach from fall ball, had decided to coach a team together. Jay would be the head coach. Jay's business, Collier Ford, would be the sponsor. Chris would be assistant coach. Chris said he didn't think he was quite ready to make the plunge into head coach - that it was too much responsibility. Well on Saturday, acting on impulse (which isn't surprising because Chris can be quite impulsive), he obviously thought different. When he saw the need for at least one more team he stepped up to the plate (pun intended). He is now the official head coach of our team, Norton Vinyl Siding. I have to admit I wasn't too thrilled about the idea when he called to tell me what he had done. I know it's just little league but it's a big commitment for our family. But seeing how excited Chris is about it (think designing uniforms and already scheduling batting practice here this week) has me looking forward to it too. It's something we're taking on together, and I think it will be a fun ride. Grant and Mac think it's pretty cool too. ;) Turbo doesn't really care yet but I have a feeling when he's getting to hang out in the dugout with us he'll be all about it too. Besides, like Chris said last night, "Baby, we get this one year under our belt and we'll feel like pros." HA!

Coach with his two favorite players: 

Headed to tryouts:

I don't know about the feeling-like-pros thing, but I do foresee more of this in our future. At least until the boys get older and it becomes totally uncool to them. ;)

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Tara said...

How handsome they look in their Under Armor gear!