Wednesday, February 16, 2011


First off let me say thank you Jesus for the beautiful weather we've had this week and supposedly will be blessed to enjoy through the weekend. It makes me one happy mama that we were outside for a big part of the day yesterday in almost 70° weather. And today is forecasted to be even warmer than yesterday. Hallelujah! I've lived in the deep south all my life so I know it's just a spring teaser and that we have more arctic blasts in our future. But we are soaking every bit of it up while it lasts.

We've been working with Mac the past couple of weeks on riding his bicycle without training wheels to no avail. He would get frustrated. I would get frustrated. I would run up and down our driveway with him until either my legs felt like spaghetti or I needed oxygen - which ever came first. He would have it for a minute then lose it, and he was constantly watching to make sure I was right there to catch him if he fell. And I did. Quite a few times. I kept wondering who was going to catch me when I fell because it was sure to happen if we kept going the way we were. He finally decided he just wasn't ready and chose to ride the bike with training wheels for the time being. Me and my noodle legs didn't argue.

My friend, Shea, posted on her blog the other day that both of her kiddos learned to ride a bike the same day. But it was because she insisted her daughter try it that it happened. And whaddya know, it just clicked and off she rode. Her son not wanting to be left behind hopped on his and off he rode too.

So I decided yesterday was the day for Mac. Yes, I decided. The weather was perfect for spending as much time as we needed to to get him riding that sucker. And guess what...
it totally paid off. Bueller is officially riding his bicycle without training wheels. YAY!!! And he is oh-so proud of himself!!

Because I posted a video of Grant when he learned to ride I decided to do the same for Mac, for my benefit.
A few more pictures...

Mac couldn't wait for Professor to get home from school so he could show him his surprise. Grant was genuinely excited for his brother, and they couldn't wait to take off. Practice makes perfect so we're still working on steering and turning. He wound up needing a band-aid or two and kissed a few shrubs. :)

He also "kissed" his younger brother.
The jury is still out on whether or not that one was intentional.

Every time he fell, though, he got right back on it and tried again. In true Professor fashion Grant tried to give him some pointers:

Brotherly love. This picture was their idea if you can believe that:
I couldn't. But I love it! Maybe it's the weather that has everyone sharing the love. Mac went inside to get something to drink and came back out with one for Grant too - even opened it for him. 

Three tends to be a crowd (especially when you're getting run over by a bicycle) so we let the older brothers have their fun while Turbo and I did some swingin'.
This was after about one of three or four shirt changes for Reid. He would get hot and want a t-shirt then get in the shade and want a long-sleeved shirt. That boy changes clothes more than his Sissy used to - and that was a lot. Turbo has a mind of his own, that boy.

Speaking of Sissy, Mackey couldn't wait to tell her:

And after all that excitement, you'd probably be sacked out too.

But not so sacked out that you can't still hold on to your Valentine's balloon. :)