Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Saturday was a day quite reminiscent of spring. It was beautiful. It made me so very happy. I knew it would only be temporary and thought it would, for the time being, satisfy my deep love and desire for warmer weather, but I think it made me long for it even more. I'm so looking forward to days spent throwing on a sundress and flip flops, pool and lake days, our garden, Chris and I sitting by the pool in the evenings watching the kids swim while we cook out. We still cook out pretty much every night but this time of year it consists of Chris running out to start the grill, running back in, running out again to put the food on, running back in and warming up by the fire, etc. We still have February to go which is usually quite cold. March has been known to bring along it's share of chill too. So I'm back to Grumpy McGrump-Grump for the time being. Ha!

Albeit short, the day sure was sweet. 

It's so hard to get a picture of the four of them. And they were not happy I was trying to.

But it's not hard to get them to laugh. :)

We walked around the pool just wishful thinking, and the boys wanted so badly to get in. One day of warmer weather and they think it's time to break out the bathing suits. They forget what it takes to warm that water.

Sissy tested out the water with her foot.
I think it's safe to say by her reaction it was pretty darn cold. That and the fact that she said her foot was burning when she took it out. :)

I know she's mine so I'm obviously biased but even in sleepy pants with her hair pulled up she's beautiful. In fact, I think this is when she's most beautiful.

And because I think there are only about 2 pictures of them together in almost 8 years (he's not a fan of the camera):

And one more because our day wouldn't have been complete without a little drama:
Whoa! I think someone licked all the red off his candy, don't you?!?

Just keepin' it real.

One day I will miss these days, tantrums and all. :) 

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Ford Family said...

I am so ready for warmer weather, too! I've had enough!!! :)