Tuesday, February 8, 2011


This past Saturday Mary Lou Grace had a gymnastics meet in Clanton. Most of her meets are a bit far for us to drive, so we were excited to be able to make it to this one. I'm amazed by the strength of these little girls. I'm very new to this so Rachel has to keep reminding me what to look for. I think everything she does is good. And although I'm obviously partial it doesn't take a seasoned eye to see that Grace is one of the most graceful gymnasts out there. She's beautiful to watch.

I had to post this one - way too cute of the little booty-boot not to:
It was a very proud moment for all of us but especially Martha when Mary Lou Grace medaled. She got 3rd place in floor. Only she didn't just medal, she medaled against Auburn Gymnastics who are known for their skill.

I do think she was quite proud of herself. :) As well she should've been.

The In His Steps gymnasts with their 2nd place trophy:

It was a fun day, and we always enjoy seeing each other and spending time together (we missed you, Claire!). So proud of you, MLG!

The rest of Saturday was spent at home enjoying quality time with the hubby and kiddos. We all piled on the couch watching various animal shows on National Geographic. Sounds fun, huh? Actually it was. We all love shows like that but to be honest I wouldn't have cared what was on. The boys piled on top of gathered around Chris taking turns and watching each other play Angry Birds.

Did you get that? They took turns. As in one patiently waited his turn for his brother to have a turn. That was angelic in and of itself. But what was really angelic to me was my baby girl who was so tired she curled up beside me, laid her head over on me, and I rubbed her head and hair just like I used to years ago. She looked like an angel. The longer we sat the more comfortable she got and the sleepier those eyes were. Reid obviously thought it was a scene worthy of a picture because he took this one.

Rather he tried to. :) Quite obviously the quality is terrible but it nonetheless shows how sweet and innocent Umby looks. Just look at that face (not mine - gracious that's awful). So so sweet and reminiscent of when she was 2 years old. Oh my heart of mush.

Sunday Teen Challenge held a rally at a church in Sylacauga. My parents try to go to as many rallies as they can, and Snuggs mentioned to mom and dad she would love for them to bring the boys. Of course the boys wanted to go if it meant they could see "Aint" Dawnie and spend the day with Meems and Granddaddy. :) It was just as sweet for me because it meant I could spend some much-needed girl time with Bethany. And that we did.

When mom and dad got back into town they brought the boys home and stayed for dinner. We capped off our weekend with the Super Bowl (I bet my Monday was better than Christina Aguilera's) and were entertained by the halftime show not once but twice. The boys enjoyed it so much we had to rewind and watch it again.

It was just a really good weekend.

As my dad has reminded me, "Count your blessings, name them one by one."


Ford Family said...

That's going to be fun when Mack and Gracie get to compete at the same meets!! fun! fun!! Can't wait! :) Mack takes at AU and I didn't realize that they would be at the same meets! Yay!

Mary Carter said...

Wooo MLG!! Hate I missed this one. Sounds like you had a pretty good weekend, A.:) Love you!

Tara said...

Gracie Lou Retton looks so stinkin' cute and is obviously really good at what she's doing! I'd love to see her in action. And I think even the worst of Mondays would be better than Christina's. Goodness. Girl can sing, but still!