Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I've made this comment, jokingly of course, on several occasions: These boys are going to put me in my grave. Well Mac took that to a whole new level yesterday. We were really enjoying this:

And decided to go on a scavenger hunt. I made a list of things to hunt, put the boys in the wagon (2 at a time was all I could handle - one had to walk), and it was off we go on our hunt. We decided to go away from the house because that would have been too easy. It's not a short walk down our drive. But we were so happy to have good, sunny weather, albeit hot, that we wanted to make the most of it. It's so funny and entertaining listening to the boys talk amongst themselves, thinking I'm not listening. And as funny as things are to me, I must hold back my laughter because if they think I'm listening, they won't keep talking like that. Here are a few things we enjoyed along the way and a few snippets of conversation that went along with that:

On our way out, we found a snail, or just the shell. Grant made the comment that it must be out of its shell. Mac said, "No, Grant, it's inside the shell watching t.v."

Another thing that caught our attention on the way out for quite some time actually - the boys and I found it very entertaining to watch - was this: (It really, seriously was a spiritual moment for me - watching this little butterfly - so beautiful and perfect- do exactly what the Lord created it to do - pretty awesome)

It was so pretty on both sides, I couldn't decide which one was prettiest:

I mentioned it's not a short walk from our house to the end of the drive. Here's a view looking from not quite the end of the drive toward the house:

Well, we get to the end of the drive and Mac looks at Grant and says, "Whew, why didn't we just take the Bad Boy Buggy!"

Naturally, Reid found dirt or "doit" as he calls it:

Grant making a find:

A penny was on our list. Mac found this:
I said, "Wow, Mackey, you found a whole quarter! We just needed a penny! Way to go! Where did you find that?" Mac says, "Reid's pocket." Reid loves to raid the change drawer and keeps some change in his pocket at all times.

Something Grant dubbed "the caterpillar plant." Not sure if it's because he thinks it looks like a caterpillar or because it's the color of a Caterpillar tractor:

ANTS!!!!!!! (Unfortunately we found a ton of those the hard way.):

This was actually just a pile of sand but to them, after finding all those ants, it was the "hugest ant hill ever!":

All our finds:

When we got back we played outside a bit longer. As I'm straightening up outside, Reid has escaped and I hear ever-so-faintly, MAAAMAAAA. My van is back in the shop after not being repaired correctly so we're in another rental. The boys think it's so cool to play in it and yesterday was no exception. However, Reid managed to lock himself in it and couldn't get out. Here he is showing his displeasure at the fact I had to take a picture of him (And no, he was not in there long at all. I have my eyes on them at all times, especially because of our pool):

Here he is falling out taking off his shoe telling me he's going to throw it at me - maybe I'm terrible but I was laughing so hard:

However, do you remember me saying how I so believe in Karma? Yep, she came around. Not long after the car episode, we found this:

Mac, as usual, thought it would be "heelarious" to throw it on mama. Usually they just taunt and tease because they know how I feel about those things. Maybe the sunlight they hadn't seen in a while gave him extra courage because he actually followed through with it this time. Naturally I jumped back because I cannot tell you how much I hate things like that. Well, it just so happened that a stroller and bicycle were right behind me and I busted it HARD, tripping over the stroller and bicycle on the way down. Here is the picture my phone took on my way down:

Can you see that little hand with the little lizard in it, getting ready to be thrown at me?

This is what the bike and stroller looked like after:

And being that I had that bike and stroller to fall over before I even got to the ground, the lizard made it to the ground first and therefore met its own fate when I fell on top of it:

I know that's so gross but you have to get the full effect. Obviously I can't say the same for the lizard, but despite a bruise on my toe (which came from getting caught up in the bike), a good-sized hematoma on my shin, and a sore rear, I survived. Grant and Reid came to my rescue. Mac was pissed about the lizard. These boys...

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Love it!! Miss my days of being in the woods, I know your kids love every minute of it! :)