Tuesday, September 8, 2009


All three of the boys have been quite under the weather this past week/weekend. It started with Reid who gave it to Grant who then passed it on to Mac. That's about the only time they share. :) It made the rounds. We're still not sure exactly what it was. The flu? Possibly. Just a fever virus? Maybe. We just hope it's outta here! Because of all that we have been stuck inside a lot more than we like and were so so excited to wake up yesterday to everyone feeling better and a beautiful sunny day! One of the first things the boys like to do when they get outside is to check the skimmers in the pool for frogs. They do eventually return them to nature but not before they torture ME with acting like they're going to release them on me. I can't imagine where they would even come up with that idea!?! I HATE bugs and jumpy things! My husband knows this. A couple of weeks ago Chris thought he was going to be cute by getting a frog in his hand to put right up to my face to scare me with, only he opened up the end of his hand a little too much and the sucker jumped on my chest. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Of course he thought it was hilarious as did the boys! So every time they find a frog now it's like, "Hey, let's go get mommy with it!" Grant hasn't been brave enough YET to let it go and put it on me. But I have a feeling that day is coming because he's getting braver and braver. And he knows I'm at his mercy. Here are some pictures of the torture yesterday:

Kinda cute from a distance:

It escaped (or tried to). Mama can breathe!

"I'm gonna put it on you, Mama!"

Isn't it 'heelarious' as Grant would say, watching Mommy scream like a little girl!!!

Umby, I'm waaay out-numbered! HELP!!!!!!

One more thing...

If you haven't ventured out to Hardee's to try these yet:

You MUST! They're Hardee's Biscuit Holes and they're a little taste of heaven! You can get a 12-pack for only $1.89. But be sure to ask for extra icing because you'll want it! Thanks for introducing them to me, Boo! YUMMY!

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Ford Family said...

Yuk!! I hate frogs too!