Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Thursday of last week was one of those days where we were all feeling a bit stir-crazy. Being "rained in" for so many days with 3 boys who love to be outside and a mama who is running out of ideas for things to do inside didn't make for a pleasant afternoon. I decided we would all head up to Sissy's room. Surely we could find something to do up there. There's a dry-erase board, a cash register, a karaoke machine, and plenty of open space for jumping around. As I'm rounding the corner to head up the stairs I spot a box in the corner of the dining room. Chris had ordered something in the mail and it had come in that box which just so happened to be full of packing peanuts. I grab the box and it's up to Sissy's room we go. We get upstairs and I sit the box on the floor. I looked at the boys and said, ok guys, dump it out. I can't imagine what they were thinking because I rarely ever purposely let my kids make a mess. Messes they do make - yes, but it's not usually that I LET them make a mess. But desperate times call for desperate measures! :) Mac looks at me a bit puzzled and says, "Huh?" Yep, Mackey, dump it out. Go for it. Still a bit skeptical (probably thinking it's some sort of trap) he asks one more time just to be sure. That's all it took. They dumped those things out and had a field day with them, as did I. Take a look:

Making "peanut angels":

Taking a "peanut bath":

Reid had to have his "bath" too!:

It's raining peanuts!:
Taking a time out from the peanuts to draw "Mommy" HA!

Attacking mommy!:

WHOA! I fall down!

Givin' mama some love:
Even more love:

It was well worth the mess!

My whole family went to the lake this past weekend to celebrate my dad's birthday. We stayed at a lake cabin that has been in my family for years. There is a "new" part and an "old" part, and we opted for the old part. That's where we always stayed when we went to the lake growing up, and Rachel and I have very fond childhood memories of that cabin (even if the 4th bedroom made us feel old and gigantic!) HA HA! It was a joy to have our children make their own memories at the same cabin. Mom, I know it wasn't quite the weekend we envisioned, but we are very grateful that you got it all together, and we really did have some fun times! The boys are already talking about when we can go back. And I even think my sweet B would go back! :) Martha, (a/k/a H. Mama), please tell Uncle Keith thanks for everything! He was great! Some pics:

My Umby:

All the kiddos (Mags, Mac, Bethany, Reid, Grant & GaGa):
Me & mom:

Throwing Aunt Dawnie off the float:

Trying to give Uncle Keith the remains of candy corn:

"Fighting" with Uncle Keith:

My loves:


Tara McClendon said...

I love the picture of all the grandkids and the one of your 4 together! Those should be in picture frames! And the packing peanuts is genius...sometimes it's things like that that they enjoy more than toys with all the bells and whistles!

Ford Family said...

Looks like fun!! Cute pics!