Friday, September 25, 2009


Wait, don't answer that. Everyone knows I'm a bit crazy but even I'm questioning myself on this one. If this post does what it's supposed to, this will be posted as I'm on my way to Panama City Beach for Thunder Beach. What's Thunder Beach you ask? I didn't know either. And still don't REALLY know. I guess I'll be finding out soon. It's actually a huge bike rally. But what I've been told is it's the biggest redneck romp/Spring Break-like but with older Harley-riding people "fest" in the South, complete with a Miss Thunder Beach Pageant, a "biker village" with a "full-scale bikini bike wash," and Club La Vela "transformed" into a Builder and Manufacturer's Expo. Seriously? WHAT... am I thinking?

Chris left yesterday on his MLC Mobile (mid-life-crisis mobile, a/k/a his Harley). This is a first for both of us so he went on down a day early to start soaking it all in. I told him I thought I would be able to hold back the excitement and wait one more day. It's killing me, let me tell ya! (insert sarcasm!). Plus the kids and I have a routine on school mornings and I wanted to keep it that way. Two nights away is enough.

As insane as it all sounds - and I'm sure everything is even crazier in person - I'm secretly a little excited about it all. I've never even been on the back of Chris' moto yet so it should all make for one very interesting weekend (plus I'll take any chance I get to indulge in some Thomas Donuts and a BLT from Boatyard Restaurant - the "L" stands for lobster and it's splendid!)! I plan on taking lots of pictures some of which I hear I wouldn't want published on a blog. YIKES!

Many thanks to Mimi and Granddaddy for helping out with the boys and coming here to do it. It's so much easier on the boys (and me) this way so I really appreciate it. They keep saying, "WHEN ARE YOU GONNA LEAVE?" HA HA! I think they're a tad excited!


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