Sunday, September 13, 2009


Saturday was a busy, fun-filled day! Grant, Reid and I headed to Selma a bit early and stopped off at RaRa's house for a visit before heading on to Marion Junction. RaRa, GaGa, and Mags treated us to lunch at Hancock's BBQ. I miss those local, family-owned restaurants in Selma. There are some good ones! Thanks for letting us drop in on you like that, Martha! As always, we love any chance to see y'all. After our visit there, we headed on to Big Daddy and Grandmama Norton's (Chris' mom and dad's) to go dove hunting. I was so excited to hear from my dad that he was going to be able to make the hunt too. Dove hunts just aren't the same without my dad there. So we all meet up, and the men head on down to get set up. Big Daddy stayed behind to chauffeur Big Mama (that would be me - Big Daddy is the only person who can get away with calling me that) and the boys to the field once we all got suited up in our camo. Here we are on the way down:
As you can see, Grant isn't sporting his camo. It didn't fit quite right and his little anal self (where could he have gotten his anal-retentiveness?) said it "bothered" him, so he had a minor meltdown and opted for his dark Rock Band shirt instead.

Mac was having a "daddy day" and wanted to sit with Chris. Grant, Reid and I sat with Granddaddy.

Dad, thanks for being such a good sport. I'm quite sure you didn't have the hunt you would have, had we not been sitting with you, but we had such a fun time! Since my dad was shooting and Reid ended up going to the field with us, I decided it probably wouldn't be smart to take my own gun. It's just fun sitting out there, watching and waiting for them to fly over, then ... hunt dead. :) I will tell you, though, that while my dad went looking for a bird that dropped behind some trees, I had the gun. One flew right in front of me, perfect shooting range, (I'm thinking YESSSSS, at least I can say I shot - I can contribute one to dinner), and I tried to get that gun up to shoot. I really tried. BUT as I was trying to get the gun up, it got hung up in the extremely large t-shirt I was wearing (I forgot mine and had to borrow one). I'm quite sure it was a sight. And that dove is probably still laughing. Anyway... Chris had our dog to retrieve his. We had Grant :)

And Reid:

And a lot of these:

And here are the results:

Daddy & his boys

Reid somehow escaped this one

And I'll end the hunting post with this:

It was late when we got home so we knew we wouldn't be cleaning the birds until the next day. Obviously Mac didn't exactly remember what "cleaning" the birds entailed. So Mac wakes up Sunday morning and says, "Mama, are the birds still in the laundry room?" I reply with, "Mac, why would they be in the laundry room, son?" Mac says, "Because daddy said they have to get clean." ;)

And let me say one more thing: We do not hunt just because we enjoy killing things. We do enjoy the hunt itself obviously, but we also enjoy eating the meat.

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Tara McClendon said...

God so knew what he was doing when he gave you's so good that you can hunt with them and enjoy it! If I had boys they'd be sissies. The only thing I know how to hunt is a bargain! HA! Love the pic of you and the three boys!