Thursday, September 17, 2009


It's not often that I'm able to surprise my little girl. Mainly because she lives 3 hours away but also because I usually don't attempt to shop for her. I'm not a big shopper, don't really like it much, and I'm not into fashion. Shocker, I know! (Now jewelry is another thing! My birthstone is diamond.) I do like clothes, shoes, handbags, etc., and can appreciate the good stuff. I guess it's just not a priority and never has been with me. Because I don't get the chance to surprise Bethany much, when I do, I capitalize on it. This week was one of those times! She has always wanted something from Tiffany & Co. I mean, what girl wouldn't want to get that little blue box! And we talked about what fun it would be to have it delivered right to your door. She has perused the website and found a few "if's" and "maybe's" for Christmas but also found a cute little pair of earrings she liked. I've been wanting to do something special for such a special little Umby, so I decided to surprise her with those earrings. I thought about getting them sent here and thinking of a neat way to give them to her (because selfishly I wanted to see her get them), but that would take away from the element of surprise (i.e., the package arriving at the door). So I decided to ship them to Decatur. Bethany's stepmom, Tara, was in on it so she had camera in-hand when it was delivered. Thank goodness for being able to track packages online! Here are a few pics of her surprise (and Tara, thank you for capturing the whole thing the way you did. Seeing the pictures - all 50 of them - :) made me feel like I was there):Let me also say that on the website, these earrings are listed as "mini." As you can tell from the pictures, they should have been labeled "microscopic" because you need to put them under a microscope to be able to read them. HA! But she loves them, and I got to surprise my sweet baby girl. That's all that matters!

What? A package for me? Hmm... what could it be?

Her head is down but you can still see that smile!

I can't believe this!

Oh yeah, it's my earrings! Oh yeah, it's my earrings!


Can you see them? Barely? Look closely. :)

What a sweet smile!
Trying 'em on for size:

The little blue box:

In other news, Reid has taken up speaking in third person. Example: Here lately I have been finding my pens like this:

Can you tell the ink part has been taken out? Every time I need to use a pen I try to click and, nothing. The "clicker part" is gone. And this was on several, several pens. But I never could catch anyone in the act. I asked Grant, he said he wasn't doing it. Mac was adamant that it wasn't him. I didn't even question Reid because surely a two-year-old wouldn't know how to do that. How would he even know those pens came apart like that? I'll tell you how, because he's a boy. Toys aren't fun unless they can be taken apart and destroyed! Anyhoo, this morning I open the "junk drawer" to get a pen with which to sign Grant's paper and AGAIN, the ink/ball point is gone. In despair I say to myself but out loud, "WHO could be taking these pens apart like this?" Reid replies, "Reid did." I said, "Who did?" Again, Reid says, "REID did," and just grins. It's still a mystery as to where that part of those pens have gone. Another thing Reid told me "Reid did" (as if he's talking about someone else), even after mommy told him not to touch Mackey's cup of milk while mommy gets the chocolate to put in it:

And that was after I cleaned a good portion of it up. Anyone feel like all they do is referee their kids and clean up messes? Reid better be glad he's so darn cute (although initially when it happened, I didn't think he was all that cute!) :)

Rain, rain, go away!!!!! We're tired of rain! It was a frog-strangler yesterday:

That would be an indication that we need gutters! I'm sure my shrubs and the few flowers I have in the front would appreciate being saved from the beating! Know where I can get any? Oh yeah, WE HAVE A GUTTER MACHINE! Who knew! Note to self: Next time Chris pulls the gutter machine out to do a gutter job, show him this picture!

Last post for this week. Gotta get ready for a weekend at the lake with the fam to celebrate my dad's birthday! Both of my sisters will be there, and we always have a blast! I can't wait - rain or shine!


Ford Family said...

Awww...I want a box from Tiffany's!! :) That is one lucky gal!

Tara McClendon said...

You did know you'd get a second by second account of the occasion, right?! The whole thing lasted 2 minutes and yet there were over 50 pictures! High five on pulling off such a huge surprise! :)

Bethany said...

Thank you sooooo much!!! I love them but I love you wayyyyyy more!!!!!!!!!! That was the best surprise ever!!!