Thursday, September 10, 2009


That's what yesterday was. Chris and Grant went to Selma (actually Marion Junction) yesterday afternoon to check out his dove field at his parent's house. I enjoy seeing Chris so in his element with things like this. It's so neat seeing him on a dove shoot, kneeling down on one knee, holding his gun in one hand and petting our lab with the other who is so patiently sitting right beside him waiting to retrieve the next bird. I guess you just have to be into that kind of thing, but it's like a picture out of Cabelas. Grant is quite the little hunter following right in his daddy's footsteps so that's kind of become their thing. I enjoy it too but because of being pregnant for practically 3 straight years then subsequently taking care of those babies, I haven't even shot a gun in over 5 years. We're all supposed to go this Saturday so it should make for an interesting day! Mac is a little young for it but wants to do everything his big brother does so when he found out Grant and Chris were doing their thing, he was not a happy camper. I did a little arm-twisting, suggested some swimming, and promised him and Reid some Hunt Brothers pizza. So, as you can tell from these pictures, all was good:

Love that smile!

Although it looks like it, that wasn't a belly-buster! :)


Surely there's a name for this jump:

This baby makes a mama laugh!

While swimming, Chris' friend Ashford came by to do this:
(Note the poor pitiful and very dead garden in the background.)

Of course, in their minds it's a small tractor so naturally it captured their attention:

Once the swimming and "tractor show" were over, as promised, they got pizza. This is Reid so very thankful for his Hunt Brothers:

When Chris and Grant got back, we all capped off our night with this:

That would be a copperhead - gives me the chills just seeing the pictures. Mondo, our spanish-speaking friend, also went with Chris and Grant. As Mondo was leaving he saw it slithering across the drive from the woods toward the garden. He had a shovel in the back of his truck so he took care of it for us. Scary! Even after it had been dead for a few minutes, it still kept opening & closing it's mouth:

This was 10-15 min. after it was killed:

That was enough excitement for one day!

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