Friday, September 11, 2009


The boys LOVE monster trucks so any time we can find Monster Jam on T.V. we like to watch it. It was on the other night so we all gather to watch, and the way Chris and the boys act as they watch is quite entertaining! I actually like it myself. I have always liked them. My dad took me to a monster truck show or two when I was young. Anyhoo, a driver of one of the trucks had a mohawk. The boys thought that was the coolest, especially Mackey. I knew we had an upcoming appointment for haircuts so I told Mac he could get a mohawk if he wanted. "WEALLY?" he said. How cool was I that I was going to let him get it! So all this time we've been talking it up, big time, and he's been telling everyone that I'm letting him get a mohawk. Yesterday was the big day. We were so excited. Being that Miss Karen doesn't get many requests for a mohawk, she was just as excited to be doing it. Brace yourself. Here are the results:

How cute is that! I LOVED it! Grant and Reid loved it, I sent a picture of it to Sissy and she loved it, Chris loved it, Miss Karen loved it (she's even putting a picture of it on her website). Mac - well he did NOT love it. In fact, he didn't even like it. The smile in the picture above is when he first saw himself in the mirror and didn't quite know what to think. This is him after he realized he likes the 'do on the man driving the monster truck and not so much on himself:

And that look did not go away until the mohawk was gone. :( I seriously loved it and would have let him keep it. It just fit him! Maybe some bribery between now and the next haircut will work!

On to the next topic: DONUTS

Some men bring home flowers. My man brings me these:

Don't get me wrong, I love flowers! Tulips are my favorite. But he knows the way to my heart is Krispy Kreme donuts! :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Bethany said...

YUM! I want some donuts!!! I am so sad Mac didn't want to keep the mohawk! ): I can't wait til next weekend!

Martha said...

RARA WANTS THE MOHAWK BACK!!! :0) Tell Mackey I will buy him whatever he wants to bring the hawk back!! Love you big much.