Monday, July 6, 2009


We had an absolutely wonderful 4th of July weekend! Friday and Saturday were spent on the lake with friends. Sunday was spent at home, just us, enjoying an afternoon by the pool and cooking out. Chris cooked some of the best ribs we've ever had! The ribs came from The Fresh Market, and Chris cooked them on the Big Green Egg so the combination of those two make for some good eating! Unfortunately I have no pictures as my camera is not in working order right now. Our friends, Scott and Wendy, took some so I'm hoping theirs turn out and I'll have some to post.

We heard so many good things about the fireworks on the lake that we decided to stay to see them. Besides, Chris deserves to enjoy the fireworks as opposed to being the one who works hard so everyone else can enjoy them, right?!? We knew we were in for a LONG day if we were going to stay for fireworks because they begin around 9 p.m. so we decided to "park it" at Chimney Rock, hook up to some friends, and "relax." HA! RELAX? Not on July 4th, on Lake Martin, at Chimney Rock, with 3 young children, with all the drunkards. I was a nervous wreck. But we ended up meeting some really nice people (it's amazing how nice people become when they see you bring out the Weber on the boat and start grilling), the boys had a great time and were so so good all day, we all enjoyed a spectacular fireworks show, and we made it home safe and sound.


Ford Family said...

hate that we didn't see yall...we went to Chimney rock (well, we didn't get close to all the rif-raf and then went to the fireworks...gosh, wish I would have known yall were us next time yall are at the lake and we will meet up!! :)

April said...

I thought about you when we were there, wondering if y'all were too. I will definitely call you. We're there almost every weekend, weather permitting of course! Loved the pics!