Thursday, July 23, 2009


The posts about things my children say which I think are funny are mainly for me. I want to remember them. If someone else gets a good laugh from it, all the better! Here are a couple of things said over the weekend:

Bethany helped me with some tax stuff Monday while she was here so I told her I would pay her for helping me. I very rarely have cash and this time just had a $100 bill. I told her when we stopped to get gas I would break that $100 and give her some money out of it. She said, "Oh that's ok, mom, don't worry about it, I take 100s."

You know your boys are a little too into tractors when your son says, "Mama, what are those deer called that pull Santa's sleigh? John Deere's?" Compliments of Grant. :) I thought Umby and I were going to lose it!

It will be a few days before I post again as Chris and I are headed to the beach tomorrow for a MUCH needed getaway. When I say this rarely happens, I mean it RARELY happens. We hardly ever leave our kids. We just don't do it. One reason being that it's really not an option. Even if it were, we wouldn't do it much because after a night or two we're missing them so bad we wouldn't enjoy ourselves (I'm actually already missing them and we haven't even left yet) and because we don't believe in putting our kids off.

Thank you mom, dad and Ra Ra (and Ga Ga and Mags and all the other extra hands I'm sure will be helping) for making this happen. The boys are super-excited about their fun-filled weekend!

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