Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I'm very proud of this little man:

And one of my favorites of him (I love sleeping pictures):

Today was the bittersweet day of Grant's five-year well check-up with our pediatrician. Bittersweet because we're so excited about starting Kindergarten at our brand new school, Redland Elementary, but before we can start we have to get those ever-dreaded immunizations. Our pediatrician, Dr. Trumbull, is beyond wonderful. We love him (and the other 3 in his practice) and my children, for the most part, look forward to going to the doctor just to get to see him. They climb in his lap, chit-chat a bit. He makes them feel quite comfortable. However, there is only so much comfort anyone can give a five-year-old about to get his shots. I've been very open with Grant about this appointment. He knows it's a must in order for him to start "big school" and has been really brave leading up to today. BUT, he's a worry-wart by nature. Wonder where he gets that!?! The poor child woke me up just before 1 a.m. scared to death just thinking about those shots. Then as we're getting out of the car at the doctor's office, he whispers in my ear, "Mommy, I think I'm gonna throw up." Bless him. But he was one brave little boy and did super-fabulous! I couldn't have asked for anything more! We are officially ready for "big school!"

On another proud note, (she's going to kill me for this) this sleeping beauty:

Affectionately referred to as "Umby," gets her cheer uniform this week and will start cheer camp next week. I think I've mentioned how she tried out for cheerleading for the very first time ever at a brand new school and made it. We've been told that's unheard of there. We all know she's one in a million! I couldn't be more proud of you, Umby, and I cannot wait to see you in your uniform at cheer camp next week! I love and miss you!

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Bethany said...

Oh mom! How could you?! Just kidding! I miss you so much! Give the G-man my love!