Tuesday, July 14, 2009


One of Chris' brothers, Kevin, and two of his three children, Sophie (age 10) and Jackson (age 7), came to Alabama for a visit last week. His oldest daughter, Anna Louise (age 13), had prior commitments and we surely did miss her (and you too, Umby!)! We haven't seen them in almost four years so we had much to catch up on. The last time we saw them, Grant was a baby and Mac and Reid weren't even in the picture. Chris' mom was there as well as one of Chris' other brothers, Donnie, and his wife, Rae, and their children, Haylie and Grey. It was great having all of us together, and we had a blast! I actually have some pictures from our little reunion. My MIL, Louise, recently got her first digital camera. Ever since I've known her, she's always used disposable cameras. Always. There was no talking her out of it. She liked that all she had to do was push a button but was usually disappointed in the quality. She FINALLY broke down and purchased a digital camera and loves it, but she's still learning how to use it. Louise, I'm glad you bit the bullet! :)

Grant, Mac and Reid greeting Uncle Kevin

Sweet Sophie and Mac

Jackson at Grandma Norton's

Mac being silly with Uncle Kevin

Then Grant had to have a turn:

Reid managed to take a time out from his usual spot:

(a/k/a my hip)

And had his turn too:

A good time was had by all and we were sad to say goodbye. We all promised each other it wouldn't be another four years before getting together again!

In other news, my sweet Umby started cheer camp this week.

(thanks for the pic, Tink!) :)

Tomorrow is a "parent-day" type of thing, so we're headed to North Alabama to see her in action! I can't wait to see you, Boo! I'm so proud of you! Love and miss you much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gotta wrap this one up for now. Duty calls. Reid and Mac both have what their pediatrician referred to as "a classic case of croup", so my lap is needed!

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