Monday, August 1, 2011


First of all let the record reflect that it is almost 9 a.m. and three of my four children are still sleeping. Of course they are. It's almost the END of summer so they've just now learned how valuable and precious sleep is. :) Turbo of course is awake and coloring a Sponge Bob coloring page as I type. [Edited: Obviously it's not still 9 am but when I started this the other day it was].

A big family get together isn't hard to accomplish when you have a big family:
That's a lot of people to get in one shot... and on a timer at that. And it actually wasn't that hard to accomplish. :)

A couple of weeks ago we had some family from Arkansas visit my Nana in Selma. Uncle Alton, Aunt Linda, and my cousin Rodney and his wife and children. We don't get to see them as often as we used to now, but I have quite a few childhood memories which include them. Rodney was always the older, cooler cousin Rachel and I looked forward to being around. We all met up at Spence's house in Plantersville. They have the perfect place for it. The kids swam while the adults mingled, chit-chatted and caught up. Oh, and melted. It was so incredibly muggy. It could've been much worse because it was cloudy off and on all day, but the humidity. Oh the humidity. You haven't lived until you've lived in the south where the humidity is palpable - you could cut it with a knife. :) It was a fun day and one I hope we do again sooner than later.

A few snapshots from our day:
Turbo was a little unsure of the slide at first so Claire helped out.
Of course Bueller had no fear.
Snuggie is such a daddy's girl
Two of my favorite people in the whole world
Check out Nana in her turquoise and shades. :) 
RaRa and B
Spence is still just one of the kids. He gave me a mild heart attack - that's some air, y'all. Of course the kids wanted more, "Again, again!"
Nana with my Bueller
This is a rarity - Uncle Alton doesn't sit down much
He was raised in the days where he was taught to never have idle hands. To this day he nor Nana ever do. They are always keeping busy. I swear I inherited that. 
Birthday "boys" Rodney and Kenneth (Uncle Stinky - no, he doesn't stink) :)
Snuggie and Stinky - quite the pair
Aunt Linda and my Claire
Aunt Linda doesn't smile very much in pictures but she's the sweetest, most genuine person.
These two could easily pass for sisters
B must have been ready to shoot me after all these pictures
My sweet Professor will ALWAYS take time out for chocolate cake
The Wells'
The Burnside fam - my poor poor dad with all us females - HA! 
And now I have three BOYS... My how the tables have turned.

Testing out their archery skills. I think Grant and Mac could've had target practice all day long. Santa, take note.
You never know what might be said when we 3 get together - hope you're not easily offended.
Group shot of Nana with her girls
I saved my favorite for last. Rodney has twins, Ryan and Aaron, who are Bethany's age. I have never been able to tell them apart so I probably didn't get the order correct.

Ryan, Bethany and Aaron almost 15 years ago...
and today...
My how time flies.

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Ford Family said...

I can just hear all of you laughing now!! I know that it was tons of fun! ; )