Wednesday, August 3, 2011


The boys and I were in Kinnucan's yesterday. I don't make a habit of trying to shop much. A) I don't like it and B) Have you ever tried shopping with 3 young boys???

I was there returning some shoes my sweet husband bought me. He bought me some OluKai flip flops. They cost $65.00. For flip flops. And those are the "cheaper" ones. The only reason I'm telling you this is because I would NEVER spend $65 on a pair of shoes, much less flip flops. I understand to some $65 may not sound like a lot for a pair of shoes. To me it is.  Chris has a pair, though, and swears by them so he wanted me to have a pair too because he's sweet like that. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) they do not have half sizes. I am a perfect 6.5 so the 7 is too big and the 6 is too small. So I did the total unselfish act of exchanging them for the boys each a pair of flip flops.

Did you get that? They EACH got a pair and I still received a little refund which will go toward a little something Bethany wants to get which will result in another hole in her ear. heehee More on that later. Maybe. Unless she chickens out.

And that is why it's hard for me to shop for me. Then to reward myself for such unselfishness (ha!) we stepped across the street to Great American Cookie Co. where I treated myself to a Dr. Pepper and a chocolate chip cookie... or two. :)

While we were in Kinnucan's looking around I heard Mac say, "Hey Grant, come 'ere, when I get married this is the ring I'm gonna buy for my wife." I had to be sneaky and do the mom-thing where you pay attention without looking like you're paying attention.

So without further adieu, this is my future daughter-in-law's ring:

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Ford Family said...

Precious! Precious! Precious! So glad you were able to catch this! ; )