Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Reid goes to preschool until 12:30. Which means that, now that Grant and Mac are both in big school, I have a couple of hours in the afternoons to spend with my Turbo, just the two of us - a fact that dawned on him Thursday of last week. So Friday morning on the way to school , he said, "Momma, when you pick me up today let's go have some fun."

It makes me happy that his idea of "fun" is a stop by Dairy Queen for some hot eats (french fries) and cool treats (ice cream of course) followed by a trip to Dollar Tree where I told him he could pick out anything he wanted.

"Anything," he said enthusiastically?

Yes son, ANYTHING. heehee
When Reid eats something he likes he gets real animated and says, "This is DEEEELICIOUS!"
You know you wish you could eat your ice cream cone like that and get away with it
First salty then sweet - a winning combination
Decisions, decisions
Everything was all fun, smiles, thank-yous and I-love-yous...
Until we were on the way home when, within three minutes he had opened and then broken that high-class dollar toy. He put it on the seat beside him, folded his arms angrily and said, "THIS IS JUNK. HMMPH."

Dang it. I guess our Dollar Tree days have passed. ;)

DT wasn't a hit but DQ certainly was. He said next time he wants to go back to "that ice cream place with the good french fries" and the "libary." Sounds like fun to me.
Especially if after a full belly and some fun I could enjoy one of those things I think are called naps?

Saturday while I was enjoying time with my two girls (I've always thought of Dawnie as my own although we're only five years apart - I call Bethany, Dawn and Dawn, Bethany all the time), Chris and the boys braved the madness that is the Buckmasters Expo in Montgomery. He said it was so ridiculously crowded they left without seeing all they wanted to see. So Sunday we decided to go back. I thought the crowd was still insane, but Chris said it was nothing compared to Saturday. The cause of some of the craziness?
Those two. Troy and Jacob from Swamp People. The boys love Swamp People, and it's been a regular in our DVR for quite some time now. I had NO idea, though, how much the show has taken off. We thought it would be fun for the boys to get to meet them. HOWEVER, we thought better of it when we saw the line to see them was wrapped through and around the building. We were told that at one point it was an almost four-hour wait. We don't like them that much. The boys at least got to see them and came home with their "Choot 'em" shirts so everyone was happy.

We made our way through the exhibits and lastly into the Young Bucks exhibit to wear the boys out let the boys enjoy all the kid stuff.

We ran into Bucky:
And DropTine:
And they each had their turn at a hunting game.
Turbo needed a little help - big brother to the rescue. Grant is always willing to lend a helping hand. Well, that and it completely bugged the OCD, anal clone of myself to stand by and watch Reid shooting more trees and dirt than he was deer.

And then we left.

That is all.

Happy Wednesday!

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