Thursday, August 18, 2011


Because Kindergarten at Redland uses "staggered start," Mac's first day was Monday with one-third of his class. Another third started Tuesday and another Wednesday. So today was his official first day with his entire class. Chris and I walked he and Grant to their classes Monday. We missed "Meet the Teacher" due to being at the beach. Thankfully we already know Mrs. Schweers, and Grant's teacher was so sweet to let us meet her at the school one morning last week. Not only was it Mac's first day ever at Redland, but they still had all their supplies to take with them, so the walking them in thing was a given. But since Grant is a pro  and Mac didn't go Tuesday or Wednesday, I dropped Grant off in the carpool line and he walked himself in. I assumed that because today was kind of like Mac's first day all over again that he would want me to walk him in. And since I was walking him in, I would also walk Grant to his class. 

So as we're on our way to school this morning I say, "Okay, Mac, I'm going to park today and tomorrow so I can walk you in. And then I'll walk you to your class, Grant. Then next week, Grant, you can start walking Mac to his class. Okay, guys?" 

You see, last year there were many, many discussions between Grant and Mac about Grant walking Mac in. Mac was so excited to start "big school" but was also a bit overwhelmed and needed reassurance that his brother would walk him to his class every morning. So more times than I can count, last year we would be in the carpool line getting ready to drop Grant off and Mac would say, "Grant, you promise you're gonna take me to my class?" Being the sweet big brother that he is, Professor always eased Bueller's fears telling him absolutely, yes he would walk him to class every single morning. 

Assume. Don't you love that word?!? 

Because I 100% assumed Mac would need/want me to walk him in the rest of the week at the very least.

The reaction I got from Mac about that?...

"NOOOOOO, Momma, I just want Grant to walk me in."

That was followed by Grant saying, "Yeah, we don't need you to walk us to class. I know where his class is so I'll just take him."


Swallow extremely large lump which immediately entered my throat.

Ok that stung a little. When I pushed my hurt feelings to the side, though, I felt a sense of pride that they're confident enough to want to do that. I told them I thought it was a great idea and watched as they walked in. Alone. Without their mother. :)
Way to go, Bueller! You're such a big boy now. Professor, he's blessed to have you as his big brother.

And I'm blessed to be their mother.

Although I think I'll ask one more time tomorrow morning. You know, just to be sure.

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