Monday, August 22, 2011


In the blink of an eye. That's how fast it seems my Sweet B is growing up. It sounds so cliche but I simply cannot believe I'm attending things like formals and lead out for her. Or counting down the days until she drives (SHE is counting them down, NOT me). Or talking about college plans. It's all quite surreal.

Yet when I look at her I still see my baby girl - my beautiful baby girl.
And I still marvel that she's mine.

This past Saturday Dawnie and I made our way to Decatur. I was thankful Chris decided to make Saturday a guys day. The drive to Decatur is 3 hours one-way, and that's if you don't stop which of course is impossible with kids. The boys are troopers when they go and of course love to see their Sissy, but it's definitely easier if I go solo. Snuggie's going was very last-minute because she was sure she had to work. Once she realized she could go, we tried our best to keep it a secret from B. Total fail. She 100% had us figured out, but she was nonetheless excited to open the door and see Dawnie there. :) After a late lunch (which was hilarious and wonderful), a quick stop by the nail salon, and a couple of errands, it was time for Bethany to head back for some last-minute touch-ups and to get into her dress.
See? Beautiful!

We won't even mention her date's name. He proved to be a less than desirable one. And I really wanted to insert a few expletives about him. Only it hit me that, among other things, he is only a kid and that I do have three boys myself. And, well... karma. Let's just say I will be disappointed in my boys if, when they're his age, they treat a date the way he treated her.

So there.

She didn't let it get her down, though, and ended the night having had a great time. I'm sure it had nothing to do with a certain someone who was waiting for her. ;)

A few pictures before she headed out. Into a boy's truck. Just her and the boy...

Thank you, Jesus, I only have one daughter. Goodness gracious, heavens to Betsy. Gag. Vomit. Barf.

Dawn and I had some time to kill before lead out so after you watch your only daughter drive off with a 16-year-old boy, it seems only fitting to head for the nearest restaurant serving adult beverages. HA! At dinner there were more laughs and conversations of some deep and some not-so-deep thoughts - the nature of which will never leave that table. heehee Dawnie, thanks so much for going. I know getting home late then having to get up at 4 am the next morning was torturous. You make my world a happier place. I love being around you. Your laugh is infectious. Your smile is contagious. You're a precious soul.

B with her friend, Ellie
Bethany, how can it be that you're growing up right before my eyes, and there's nothing I can do to stop it? You have blossomed into a smart, beautiful young woman with a good head on your shoulders and a heart for Jesus. You make me so very proud to be your momma! Much love!


Angie said...

Beautiful is not the word for B--Gorgeous!! That "boy" sure was lucky to have her as a date!

Ford Family said...

She is absolutely beautiful!! That boy doesn't deserve her~txt me the juice on what he did! uggh! xoxo!