Tuesday, August 2, 2011


This past weekend we spent what was probably our last weekend at Wind Creek before school starts. We've been keeping the camper there and have camped off and on all summer. We would pack up and stay a few days, then I would need my house for a few days. The sites in the cul de sac in which we like to camp are two-week sites. Chris has been a trooper all summer moving the camper every two weeks one or two lots over. It's a pain to move that thing and is not something that can be done in 15 minutes. It's time consuming even just moving one site over.

Sometimes the smallness of the camper (especially if we were there more than a few days) is what would have me longing for my house and the spaciousness of it, room to move so we didn't feel so confined.

Sometimes it's what I love most about the whole camping experience.
Sweet summer nights.

If all goes as we hope it will, we'll be hauling Big Country south for a few days. We didn't take a family vacation last year. In fact, we haven't been to the beach as a family in two years (and that trip ended a few days early due to a very small condo, very small children, and a stomach bug). I didn't think it was going to happen this year either as this is Chris' busiest time of the year, and it's hard for him to get away. Thankfully he thinks he has managed to get things in order enough to sneak away for a long weekend at the beach. Whooo hooo!!

Thomas' donuts, a BLT from Boatyard, fresh oysters, maybe a stop by Pier Park or a pirate cruise aboard the Sea Dragon... It's long overdue. We. Cannot. Wait.


Ford Family said...

Oh my...I want to go! and you know if you mention the word beach to my Mack she will be dying to go on another norton adventure! have fun! love you!

The Sewell Family said...

Can't wait to read a post about it!
I am still in shock about this whole dog thing. You have lost your mind sweet girl, you let your heart take over. I guess we moms do that every once in awhile ;)