Saturday, November 20, 2010


My life was forever changed. I became a mom to my only daughter, my Sweet B. My angel. My first true love. I've said before that I was very young and her sweet life wasn't exactly planned. But that's not true. Maybe at that point in time she wasn't yet MY plan, but her life is no doubt part of a divine plan. I love her more now than the day she was born - and I didn't think that was possible. I'm proud of her for reasons and in ways I could've never dreamed of. I truly don't know why I was chosen to be blessed with such a gift, but I'm thankful for her life every day.

I posted some "through the years" pictures in last year's post. I did some digging and found some more of my favorites I want to add.
Meeting "Aint" Dawnie for the first time:

Martha, where in the world are all the pictures of Bethany with her RaRa? I cannot find any here. Please tell me you or mom have some. Pictures or no pictures I will never ever forget the times you came home from Troy exhausted from the college life yet still letting B sleep with you so I could have a full night's sleep.

Meems and Granddaddy, I think it goes without saying Bethany and I both couldn't have made it without you two.
Shea meets Bethany. 
I still feel like I need to thank you for bringing mom, Paula and I McDonald's that night. :)

B's Second Christmas but it was really like her first because she was so teeny her first Christmas. She got a Tickle Me Elmo - oh Umby if you only knew what we went through to find that thing! It's when they first came out and they were ever so popular. But I wasn't going to stand for you not having one.

Almost every morning we ate breakfast at the Graystone Restaurant. I think they feel like they partly raised her. Every year on her birthday the "Other Mimi" always made orange cupcakes and had a little party.

Cheesing it up at Little Friends:

Because that's how she rolls on her first trip to Disney World:

Oooh, Martha, there you are, pushing B in the stroller. :) 

Spoiled at Christmas - not much has changed about that. :) 

 Body language - she wasn't too sure of Santa:

 Kindergarten Graduation:

One of my favorite pictures of all time:

Here's to you, Umby! 

I love you, baby girl. Happy 15th Birthday! 
Now let's go get that permit!!


Ford Family said...

Thanks for the pic! bahhaha! ;) I still remember sitting in Mcdonalds at our senior breakfast and you and J telling me & then I think the whole graduation ceremony I was thinking of you telling your parents! What a blessing she is, she has grown up to be so beautiful and smart, You should be very proud!!! I love all the pics~sweet memories!!!
Happy 15th birthday!! Man, we are OLD!!!
love both of you!!!

Martha said...

I'm gonna find all my pics so you can have a blog dedicated to Rara and B!!! :)