Tuesday, November 16, 2010


We had a spectacular Saturday at my parent's house celebrating Thanksgiving. The weather was perfect. Of course since mom and Martha were in charge of food there was an abundance of it, and it was Delicious with a capital D. You should've seen those two in the kitchen. I leave that part to them. I step in at clean-up time. That I can handle. Every time we get together I think it can't possibly top the time before. Yet it always does. On top of that a certain college football game was on that ended in victory so, ICING ON THE CAKE! 

One of the boys' favorite things to do at Meems' and Granddaddy's house is shoot at targets with G'daddy's .22. Granddaddy is always so sweet and patient to help everyone. When it was someone's turn that person would get three shots. After we would shoot Granddaddy would walk down with us to the target to mark where we each shot. We ALL had a turn. Of course Marksman Martha was the only one who got it right in the center of the bulls eye. I was quite surprised when even this prissy chick wanted to have a go at it:

It was her first time to shoot a gun, and I do believe she thoroughly enjoyed herself. Especially after Granddaddy showed her the target and made over her so and the fact that a penny could cover all 3 shots. "Now that's consistency," he said, "and that's what you want." :) 

Thanks, Dad, for being such a wonderful Granddaddy to your grands. They adore you. As do your three girls. And mom, thanks for always seeing to it that we celebrate the holidays together. Rachel, Dawnie and I have such wonderful childhood memories of the holidays, and I love that our children are making some of those same memories.

Do you know what happens in FOUR days???

I'll give you a hint:

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Tara said...

I'm impressed you got her doing that, it DOES require being outside and you know how that is! :) What on earth could possible be in four days? Hmmm, I don't have the slightest clue since it's something that no one ever talks about these days. Ha! Still, it's hard to believe it's really this close...shouldn't we still be packing her bags for her on the weekend because she's not old enough to do it herself?! Sigh...