Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Hey, desperate times call for desperate measures people. And today screams desperation. All three boys are sick and stayed home from school.

I sent Rachel a text this morning in search of some sympathy. Here's how it went down:

Me:  All 3 boys home w/low-grade fevers, colds, and nasty coughs. Good times.
Martha:  I can beat that... I'm at ortho with G and Sandra just had to go get Mags. She puked. Again. But she has had a cold all week, swallowing snot. Yeah...good times.
Okay, okay sister. You got me beat. I'll take fever, coughs, snot and loogies any day over snot-and-loogie vomit. 

Back to desperation and pie face.

I made homemade hot chocolate mix this week, and Grant asked for a cup this afternoon. I bought some whipped cream to go with it only I bought the store brand. I'm usually a brand snob about things like this but it was so much cheaper I thought I'd try it.

I should've known better. It wasn't good. 

I looked at the can and couldn't bring myself to throw it all away though.

What else is there to do with a full can of whipped cream than to pie someone in the face?!? Wait...


So pie my kids in the face is exactly what I did.

Grant was a great sport about it. He laughed, I laughed, Reid and Mac laughed. Mac couldn't stop laughing - he thought it was HEELARIOUS. Until...

I got him too. I think you can tell he didn't think it was too funny.

Here's hoping they get better real soon!

Oh, and don't worry. My sweet Mackey can't stay mad long. In fact, while we were all snuggled up on the couch tonight waiting for Daddy to get home from work Mac said, "I love you ALL the way to Heaven and back." It's something we say to each other a lot.

I said, "Aww, Mackey, you still love Mommy all the way to Heaven and back even though I pied you in the face?"

He said, "Yes. But it wasn't really a pie... And don't ever do that to me again." :)

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