Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Chris and I thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Thunder Beach.

The weather couldn't have been more beautiful - cool mornings and nights with warm days perfect for riding. The gulf was beautiful.

We ate. We ate A LOT. Thunder Beach always calls for oysters and fried shrimp at Dusty's. And what Thunder Beach trip would be complete without a big greasy breakfast at Waffle House. Not only was it nice to get away, but Thunder Beach is a great place to kick back with "special" drink, listen to bands and people-watch. We sat at one venue for four hours Friday. Four hours.
If you know me you know that's not easy for me to do. We listened to JB Walker and the Cheap Whiskey Band:
Don't let the name fool you. They're always at Thunder Beach and they're great. Big daddy in the middle there in the overalls is Big Mike of Big Mike and the Booty Papas who came on stage for an impromptu performance. Or as Chris kept calling them, Big Mike and the Booty "Poppers." :)  I think Booty PAPAS fits them much better.

We stopped at one venue that had a pretty cool homemade ice cream contraption:

Things like that along with this made us wish the kids were there:

We capped off our Saturday with a few PCB MMA fights on the beach. We didn't know this was going on that weekend so it was a fun little extra.

This was us getting ready to head back out after making a pit stop at Bob's - and proof that I really do ride.

We met up with some old friends and made new ones. As usual we came into contact with some very interesting people and saw some interesting things. There were two other rallies going on the same weekend, so it wasn't as crazy-busy as it usually is. Which was just fine with us. I must say, though, two nights away would've been perfect. Three was pushing it. We're getting older I guess. We're homebodies. We missed the kids. We were ready for food cooked in our own kitchen. We were quite curious about the latest happenings on Young and the Restless and felt very out of the Y & R loop. :) We missed our bed. By Saturday morning I had had my fun and was ready to come home. I probably shouldn't admit this but Saturday night we were in bed by 9:00 p.m. so we would be ready to wake up first thing and head home.

Many thanks again to Mimi and Granddaddy for keeping the boys for us. They're still talking about everything they did. I'm not sure who wore who out the most.

So we're back to life, back to reality here. Business as usual. Makes a mama happy.

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