Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Chris has discovered we have some wild hogs on our hunting land. They scare the deer away. They're a nuisance. Apparently they multiply rather quickly, and the problem can easily get out of hand. Not only that but they're big, fast (yes fast, lightning fast), mean and very aggressive. They're dangerous. So Chris has been on a mission to get rid of as many as he possibly can. He and a friend set up a trap which means he's been making frequent trips to the hunting land to check it. And since bow season is in, while he's there he'll get in the stand and sit until dark. It's over an hour drive there which seems to be a deterrent for the boys wanting to go with him. The other day all 3 boys opted to stay with me as opposed to going with Chris. Boy did they regret that decision when Chris texted me a picture of a hog he had caught in the trap. He said he started to call and tell me to load the boys up and head his way so they could see it, but after it charged him from inside the trap three times bending the cage, he decided he better go ahead and take care of the problem. He took a video of it in the trap and I wish I could post it. Except Chris throws out quite a few choice words when it charges the cage. He was alone so he was either talking to himself or the hog. Both of which make it quite hilarious because it takes a lot to ruffle Chris' feathers. But that wild boar managed to do just that.

Sunday after church Grant went home with a friend for the afternoon but you better believe there were two other little boys who were on board with daddy when he asked if they wanted to go check the trap again. And the trip did not disappoint. The hog wasn't in the trap but came in the field as they were getting out of the stand. SCORE!

If you're grossed out by this type of thing, sorry. You may want to pass on the picture below. We are hunters so we enjoy stuff like this. If you don't hunt, you wouldn't understand.

All was fine and good until they made their way to the hog and they realized just how bad a wild boar smells. Chris said it's disgusting. I'll take his word for it. I can handle blood and gore all day but you add a putrid odor to the mix and I'm done. I believe there are two little boys who take after me in that department. Chris sent me this picture and I could not stop laughing.
Mac clearly is about to vomit (he naturally has a weak stomach anyway).

When they got home they both ran in yelling, "WE KILLED A HOG. WE KILLED A HOG."

Mac said, "Yeah, and it smelled SO bad."

Well Mac, what did it smell like?

"It smelled like a fat lady's purse."

Wha? Huh? Where did you...? What exactly does...?


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Tara said...

I have to admit I had to skip on down and not look at the picture. But picture or no picture, I'm still trying to figure out Mac's theory on the smell. Too funny!