Thursday, October 7, 2010


I finished a post earlier today. Finished it. Which these days seems to be a monumental task. I saved it as a draft because I was in a hurry to run an errand before picking up Mac and Reid from school, and I wanted to have time to proofread it. Chris and the boys just headed out to our hunting land to set a trap for a wild hog that is hogging (heehee-I know. I'm hilarious-pun obviously intended) all the feed and running the deer off. I thought I was going to get to sit down at the computer, proofread my post, publish it, then have a little time to catch up on some of my favorite blogs.

Well that just would've been way too easy, wouldn't it. I go into my drafts and... nothing. 


How does that happen? I know it was saved. Where does it go? I guess it's in blogger oblivion somewhere which completely pisses me off because I THOUGHT IT WAS IN MY DRAFTS. And now I'm too ticked to start over with it which is why you're reading this. 

Oh happy day. Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday. Until I can muster the strength to start again, this picture serves as a good illustration of my frame of mind:

At least it was.

Until I remembered I'm home alone for a few hours.

Let me say that again:  I'm home alone for a few hours. 


Tara said...

I totally know the feeling...happened to me the other day. I wanted to reach through the computer and strangle the person behind the whole blogging website. Anyhoo, hope you calmed down enough to enjoy your few hours of alone time! :)

Ford Family said...

Breathe! I'll wait until u publish your next amazing post! hope you enjoyed your alone time, which I'm sure you did!! miss you and love you!!!