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Maybe this is a sign I should take a break from blogging for a while. Because I was ticked the first time it deleted a post. But this one, well I have been working on this one for a few days, trying to get it all done so I would have the memories of all that had happened over the span of about five days last week. I broke it down into each day and had finished all but basically proofing it to post. I knew I would probably have a smidgen of time this morning to finish and post it. And I did. A teensy weensy bit of time which would have sufficed. Only nothing I've worked on is saved. Nothing. And I can't tell you how many times I click "save now" while working on a post just so that doesn't happen. I just don't have it in me to start from scratch. The window of opportunity I had to finish what I needed has closed. Reid is demanding my attention. Mac is hungry. So I'm going to post pictures from each day, put a few captions but for the most part allow the pictures to speak for themselves. 
We had a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful trip to Decatur. The weather was beautiful. There was a playdate at the park with Tara and the girls followed by yummy strawberry cupcakes (thanks, Smitty!). We rounded out the day with seeing Sissy in Decatur High's homecoming parade. (Tara has some cute pictures in her post as well). We've been wanting to get the kids together for quite some time, and I think you can tell by these pictures they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

I love this one. Cate isn't hearing of not being in on the action - front and center:

In this one I can't quite tell if both boys are keeping watch over Wownsy or if Grant's blocking Mac:

BUT... What Mac wants. Mac goes after. And usually gets. 


Anxiously awaiting Sissy's debut in the parade: 

YAY SISSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

B with a few of her girls:

Bailey, to Bethany's right, said she thinks B looks like me. We haven't heard that much until now. But B's eyes have changed a bit, and we're hearing it more and more. And I like it. :) 

I've already posted a couple of pictures from B's first experience with Auburn Football, but I had a couple more I wanted to add. Thanks a ton, RaRa! She had a blast, and I do think you've changed her forever. heehee

While they were whooping it up on The Plains, we had the pleasure of spending the day with Claire (or Mags as everyone else calls her). She told me more than once, "AA, you're CRAZY." Yes sweetie, AA is. But that's why you love me so much. She hung right in there with the boys all day and even snuck the camera away for a few snapshots of her own:

GaGa, we missed you sweet girl. But I know you had a great day with Mimi, Granddaddy and "Aint" Dawnie!
Although Mackey's birthday was on the 10th, we still had not celebrated it with RaRa and the girls and Mimi and Granddaddy. (Unfortunately Granddaddy couldn't be there - we missed you, Dad!) Mac's choice for such celebration?  Chuck E. Cheese. Because duh, a kid can be a kid. Rachel and B were a bit zombie-like after their full day at AU, but we always enjoy each other's company.

See? Zombie. But notice the shirt! :)

It was short, sweet, to the point, and we were all home by lunch. Perfection.

When we got home, Chris had a new game waiting on us. It's EyePet for PlayStation Move. (PS Move is basically Wii for the PlayStation - same concept/different types of games). It's a great game, and they have all enjoyed caring for their virtual pets, especially B:

It was a gorgeous day so we couldn't spend it all indoors. We took things outside so the boys could enjoy riding their new bikes. Reid can't quite get the hang of pedaling his bike. He keeps wanting to go backwards. Hello brakes. So for now this is how Reid "rides" his bike:

I surely don't recall having to teach the other 3 how to ride WITH training wheels. How does one do that anyway? After I exhausted all efforts Mac stepped in to offer his assistance:

No such luck. But it did make for a cute picture. 

I thought for sure Reid's I-say-I'm-riding-my-bike-while-I'm-really-pushing-it technique would be safe. HA! This is Turbo we're talking about. He somehow still managed to flip over the handlebars. 

I have no idea.

That wasn't the only injury of the day. B decided she would take Grant's trick bike for a spin. 

This is the part of the story where I'd like to say she was attempting some sort of trick or something. But she wasn't. She was just riding it. And rode it into the rocks. Where she fell. On the rocks. And those rocks basically chewed up the bottom part of the palm of her hand. 
She was tough though because it was nasty. Nasty. I took a picture of it without the bandage because I'm weird like that, but I'll spare you. At least she has a good story to tell. And some extra TLC to boot.

Yet and still that wasn't the only injury. While I was inside doctoring Umby's hand I sat my camera on the chair I had been sitting in. I was sitting on a towel so I sat the camera on the towel. The dog likes to chew towels. Said dog didn't care my camera was sitting on the towel he wanted to chew so when he pulled the towel off the chair, my camera hit the ground. It still takes pictures but the flash isn't working. I'm hoping that's all it is and can be easily fixed. And Chuy better be glad he walked away without injury. 

Monday morning I let B sleep in while I took Grant to school then Mac and Reid to their school. Not long after I returned my baby girl arose from her beauty sleep. We spent the morning enjoying a quiet house and catching up on our DVR'd shows. We make each other laugh. A lot. And it's things only we would find funny. Like a facial expression or comment Giuliana Rancic will make on an episode of one of our favorite reality shows, Giuliana and Bill, which we will rewind no less than 10 times just to continue laughing. It was a wonderful morning with my sweet love which went by way too fast. Soon it was time to pick up the boys. Monday evening was time for one of Grant and Mac's baseball games. They both did great, and they were super-excited to have Sissy there cheering them on. 

Tuesday was Grant's class field trip to the Alabama Shakespeare Festival for a production of Winnie the Pooh: The House at Pooh Corner. Grant's been counting down the days. He's been so excited about this field trip. Imagine his excitement when he realized Sissy could come along with us. That's the best of both worlds, right!?! And while I had hopes of some pictures of the two of them outside on the beautiful grounds at ASF, those hopes were squashed when B was bitten by 3 ants on one foot in a total of about 2 minutes. If you know B, you know she was done. :) So Whataburger decor had to do:

Whew. Done. Publish Post. Happy Weekend. War Eagle. All that good stuff.

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