Monday, October 25, 2010


Grant brought home his first report card of 1st Grade last week, and he was all smiles wearing his 
A Honor Roll ribbon. 

It is amazing how much he has learned already and continues to learn on a daily basis. We're blessed with an exceptional school and great teachers. We're so proud of you, Grant! Keep it up! 

I usually am not a fan of school pictures, but I love this one. It shows his natural, sweet smile. And of course I think he's absolutely handsome!

Bethany also had a great report card - the first of high school. She is taking IB classes this year. And while they're challenging, she always meets a challenge head on. She is an extraordinary student, always has been. She works hard and takes her grades seriously. She's a great role model for her siblings. We're all so proud of you, sweet girl!

The countdown has begun (actually the countdown began at 365 and counting last November 20), but B can officially say that in LESS THAN A MONTH she will be 15. And driving. Oh my.
I kid but the reality is the statistics on distracted driver related accidents and fatalities (specifically texting while driving) are staggering. I've been preaching and preaching to Bethany about the dangers of it, yet I continued to be guilty of doing it myself. Then I really started to take note of other people on the road who were busy on their phones while behind the wheel. Have you ever been in morning traffic and seen some idiot with a Suburban full of kids swerve in your lane? Then you pass her and realize she has a phone in plain view in one hand while she's holding on to the steering wheel with the other, and her head is back and forth between the phone and the road. Or how about driving up the interstate, seeing a car continually swerving back and forth between lanes swearing they must be drunk only to get beside them and see that they're really texting. Not only that but when I would think "Oh, I'll just send a quick text. No big deal," I started to be aware of the "what-ifs." "What if that had happened just then" or "WOW, if that car had stopped suddenly I would have been all in the back of it." And surely I can't forget the e-mails I have been forwarded of children who have been either seriously injured or killed because of someone driving while "intexticated." 

It's just dangerous all the way around. Period. So Bethany and I made a pledge to each other that from here on out we will not text while driving. If you are one of those who do it, I urge you to take the pledge with us. What text could possibly be so important that it couldn't wait until you can pull over and stop? that you would endanger your own life and/or the lives of others?

I'm off my soapbox now.


The other night while saying prayers, the boys were saying what they were thankful to Jesus for. Grant said, "I'm thankful for momma and daddy."

Aww, so sweet, Grant! And we're so thankful for you too!

Mac said, "Jesus and God, RaRa, Mary Carter, Sissy and Madeline."

Very nice, Mackey! I'll forgive you this time for not mentioning your momma.

Then we make our way to Turbo who says, "Ummm, I'm thankful for my blankie."

Yes, Reid. I'm sure you are. And when it's all that will appease you, I'm ever so thankful for it too!


Tara said...

You got another one up before I could comment on the last're too quick for me. Loved all the pictures from the last post, and it seems like we got different park pics so I enjoyed seeing those. Congrats to Grant on his big award!

Ford Family said...

Scares. Me. To. Death. dread when Mack is old enough to drive!!

Mary Carter said...

Congrats to Grant! That makes a Mayree proud. I may have to join the pledge you and B made. And the thankfuls....that warms my heart:) Love you and hope to see you real soon!

Angela said...

The no-texting pledge is a great idea!