Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I wish I could report this past weekend would go down in the books as one of the greatest ever, but I came down with a nasty case of strep throat. Goodness I've forgotten how bad that stuff is. It was not pleasant to say the least. But today is day 3 of antibiotics so I'm definitely on the mend. It no longer feels as if I've swallowed a porcupine on fire - just a baby cactus. :) As much as I wanted to stay in bed, though, my baby girl and her friend, Mad, who I affectionately refer to as Country Girl because I find it difficult to call anyone by their given name, were here this weekend so I had to be tough and persevere. We had plans, and I was resolved to keep those plans.

Saturday was gorgeous (a bit windy but we're not being picky at this point), so after a trip to the store for some Sucrets and Chloraseptic spray, I decided some fresh air would do me good. And although we had high hopes the weather would be a little warmer, it didn't stop the girls from getting in their bathing suits and soaking up the sun.

Louie and Levi (yet more nicknames). Can you tell I like nicknames?!?

Country Girl being the, well, country girl she is, saw a lizard on her chair and would not stop until she caught it, but that little sucker didn't want to be caught.

She finally got it.

And then it peed all over her!!! She decided she'd return it to nature.

Then Reid decided he wanted to catch it.

I didn't think he would actually do it but he sure did. I think it was one of those, well a girl did it so I can too things. :)

Don't think for a second Bethany and I had our turn too - NOT interested! I can hang with the boys for the most part but not when it comes to things like that. Remember this?

After a while they claimed to be hot and wanted to get in the pool. I think you can tell from this picture it was a bit cold. :)

That didn't stop them. They said they were already half-way in so they were going in all the way. They're 14. I know nothing. Just like I told the boys the other day, be my guest.

Click on this picture of Country Girl and enlarge it so you can fully see her face because that pretty much sums it up!

That would be Bethany's crazy self.

And Country Girl:

CRAZY! She said, "I'm already over the worst part. I'm gonna make the most of it now."

After their skin started turning red not from the sun but from hypothermia setting in, I made them get out. They didn't argue.

The Circus was in town this past weekend, and although Bethany has been a few times,the boys have never been.

I cannot tell you how excited I was to take them to the circus. I had high hopes it would be something they would remember forever, that it would be so great, that they would be in awe the whole time, etc., etc., etc. Well it wasn't. THE CIRCUS SUCKED! It sucked and it also sucked my wallet dry. It was ridiculous what it cost. Ridiculous. Not only that, but it just wasn't good. I was really disappointed. Of course, the porcupine in my throat could've had a little to do with that. There were a few things that did entertain, so it wasn't all for naught.

Like Mac eating his weight in cotton candy:

And this look I got from Grant on a few occasions when they did some magic tricks. He is my thinker, and it really bugged him that he couldn't figure them out.

And it gave me another opportunity to get a picture of these two girls whom I love very much. They can make anything fun, and you can only imagine some of the conversations we had this weekend:

When Bethany was little I used to daydream about her being the age she is now and us having the relationship we have. The one where she calls me about anything and everything: from boys to school to "women stuff" to Christianity to you name it - from the smallest every-day things to things that are monumental. And while I didn't quite envision the circumstances we're in, maybe if it weren't for those circumstances we wouldn't have what we have. I'm so thankful and blessed to have such a wonderful, beautiful, intelligent, thoughtful, good-hearted daughter who loves the Lord and her family like she does. I love you, Umby!

Oh, and B, the next time you get on the golf cart, please do so without driving under the influence of A WHOLE MONSTER ENERGY DRINK! Hee hee!

And last but most certainly not least, there's Reid who was of course affixed to my lap so here's the best I could get of him:

Happy Tuesday! We're off to enjoy this gorgeous day!!!

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Tara said...

When B called and told me they'd been swimming in 60 degree water I was wondering about hypothermia! At least it's hot enough there to lay out, though!! Love that picture of Grant...that look on his face is so cute!