Thursday, March 4, 2010


Genes run deep. I mean REAL deep. Chris and I laugh hysterically at some of the things the boys do that are exactly like some of the things we did/do. The same goes with Bethany about certain things. She's so like me sometimes it's scary. Like picking out just the right cinnamon roll. You can't just get any one. It has to be THE one, where the icing looks perfect. When we're picking out something at the grocery store, we can't get the very first one of the shelf - we have to reach behind for the next one. And I guarantee you when she starts driving she'll look for parking places you turn left into. I cannot turn right into a parking space. I side-swiped a car doing that when Grant was a baby and ever since then I've been phobic. The first time Tara turned right into a parking place Bethany thought she had made an illegal turn. :) When we have cheese and chips, the cheese has to cover every chip. The list goes on and on. Ok, so those are just things we laugh about having in common. There ARE more serious ones - real passed-down-the-gene-tree stuff. ;)

HOWEVER there are other times B's so different that, were it not for the evidence left behind of the 50 lbs. I gained while pregnant with her along with her birth video, I would wonder if she's really mine.

(This picture is not significant to this post - I just really like it.)
Bethany was voted "Most Likely to Become a Fashion Designer" by her classmates at school. And she so could become one. She's definitely got it (and she regularly keeps me in check!). It just amazes me that something that came from my loin could have that kind of natural talent/ability. HA! :)


Tara said...

Ok, ever since I read earlier I've had a complex about turning right into a parking space all day long. Thanks! :) It IS much easier to hang a left - you've got a point. And I'll tell you that it's taken some getting used to on B and her picking the perfect cinnamon roll or what have you. She's come a long way though...she says she picks one good one now and one that no one else would pick just to be fair. Now that's sweetness! Oh, and I think I've shown B this before but you would DIE to see the outfit I was wearing in my senior year Best Dressed picture in my yearbook. That's guaranteed hours of laughing til you wet your pants!!! Hello 1998...what where we thinking?! I think I'd much rather win her award though...that's true talent! She's something else...

Tara said...

Oh, and how beautiful is she in that picture you put in your post? How could I forget to mention that?!