Tuesday, November 1, 2011

All Things Halloween

Every year we carve pumpkins. I love everything about it. I love deciding what to carve, getting out the goo, carving, roasting the seeds.
Then of course there's the finished product:  When the carving is done and you light up the jack-o-lanterns at dark, put them on the front porch and step back to marvel at a job well done. And the smell once it's carved and lit... mmmmmm. Then and only THEN is it Halloween.

However, it seems every year I have four kiddos who are excited about carving for about 20 minutes (always while they're mid-goo) then leave this momma to finish the job. It was robbing me of my pumpkin-carving Halloween joy. So this year I opted for something a little different. I thought about painting pumpkins which is a cute idea and something I knew they would enjoy, but I still wanted something else. After coming across a similar idea on a blog as well as turning to the trusty google, I ultimately decided we would try pumpkin nailing.

All you need is pumpkins (really?), a few hammers, and a lot of nails.
Some templates that we printed, cut out and traced onto the pumpkins.
Three little boys eager with a hammer and nails .
And voila...
Our masterpieces.
They had the best time. What little boy wouldn't love banging some sharp things with a hammer into something like a pumpkin? Or anything for that matter.

Reid did the nose on his then grew tired of having to stay in the lines. He decided his needed what he called hair. In other words, he just wanted to hammer those nails wherever he pleased. :)
Mac and Grant were a little more precise.
They turned out even better than I imagined. They all three kept thanking me for it. Grant said he wanted to do it again the next day. Mac chimed in and said, "Yeah, momma, I want to do this every year forever." :) I think pumpkin nailing was a hit.

Of course, we still had to carve one.
Mac can pick up a frog and squish a roach like it's nothing, but the inside of a pumpkin makes him gag. Literally. I don't get it.
You can tell from his facial expression it has the same effect on Reid as well. Heelarious!
Grant didn't mind it as much, but he still wasn't into it. And yes, those are tears. :( He and his brothers raced to the table, and he took a spill on the tile. Tile isn't very forgiving. One touch of the slimy stuff and that frown turned upside down. :)
All lit up
Finally Monday rolled around. It was a bit of a crazy start to the week with Reid having what I think may be some type of flu and Mac with an ear infection. I had two class parties to get to, so after spending the morning in the doctor's office Chris came home to stay with Reid, and Mac and I (since he isn't contagious) headed for his class party first then on to Grant's to round out the school day.
A dose of Motrin and a couple of hours later...
The Norton's aren't about to let something like the flu or an ear infection keep Aubie and the skeletons from trick-or-treating. Are you kidding?!? NO WAY!

Halloween was one of my favorite "holidays" as a child. It still is and ranks almost up there with spending Thanksgiving with family, and my children on Christmas morning. The neighborhood I grew up in was the best, and I'm thankful our neighborhood was a bit reminiscent of Castlewood last night. I get such great joy out of watching my children go door to door, so excited about each and every door bell they ring.
It was awesome. By the time they had enough (I say THEY because secretly Chris and I think there can never be enough candy. The kids say, "We're tired," while Chris and I say, "No, one more. Just one more house." haha), their bags were overflowing.

When it's all said and done, this may just be the best part of it all:
They sift through all of their candy,
swapping this and that,
actually sharing things they may have gotten two of. All the while I'm sifting through Reid's making sure to get rid of anything with peanut butter so that he doesn't end up looking as if his "costume" was Sloth from The Goonies.

It was a great and wonderful night. It wasn't the same without Sissy here - we sure did miss having her trick-or-treat with us - but still a great night.

Yesterday also marked the three year anniversary of a very significant day in my life for which I will humbly be forever grateful.

God is good. All the time.
Happy Halloween!!

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Shea said...

Love your pumpkin idea! Very creative, Martha Jr. Your kiddos look so cute & I think Aubie is a very popular choice! ; )
So glad that you are where you are today. God is good! xoxo!