Friday, October 28, 2011


And with that word Wednesday night, our fall baseball season came to a close.
Wetumpka Braves
We finished the season 12-1 (and can I just say that the "1" sucked - ok, I feel better now). It's hilarious to me to hear people say, "It's just fall ball. Who cares about the score." I'll tell you who says that. Whoever just lost. That's who. It doesn't matter if it's fall, spring, or backyard ball. THE SCORE MATTERS.

All our boys did a great job, but of course I was especially proud of my two. Not that I'm partial or anything. Mac was 5 when the season started yet was playing with 7 and 8 year-olds. He held his own and was loving the challenge until the whole cast thing. 
Bueller decided a spectator he is NOT. The first game in which he had to sit out because of his cast was tough. He didn't like it one bit. Visits to the concession stand helped his feelings a little. :)

As soon as Grant found out a catcher was needed in this age group, he was determined. He wanted to catch. 
I am frequently amazed by this little boy. He's an old soul, very self-motivated. Not only did he catch every inning of every game, but he looked like a natural doing it. He came home with sore legs and sometimes sore shoulders, but he was right back at it come game time without complaint. We keep telling him catchers are in high demand and to keep it up. Scholarship one day, perhaps??? His parents can only hope. :)

And let's not forget baby Reid. 
Turbo has been to every. single. game since Grant started playing ball. He has sat through games in the sweltering heat and humidity of a southern summer as well as those cold-front fall games when temps dip into the 40s and we're sitting on cold bleachers, layered and bundled up drinking hot chocolate. Never once has he said he didn't want to go. He's a trooper... Trooper Turbo. HA!

It will be nice to have some of our nights back. Three games a week is a lot, especially for those late games. But it's always bittersweet. It's not likely we'll ever have that same exact team again. You spend so much time with the players and they're families that it's always a little sad when a season is over.
Coach Chris giving the after-game, end of season talk
Giving out medals
The team and our coaches
We had a great team and are so proud of our boys. Way to go, Wetumpka!

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