Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Name Change and Doctor's Orders

Reid is under the weather and has been for a few days. :(
He has pretty much been on the couch since Sunday. He toughed it out for Halloween and has little bursts of energy here and there, but for the most part he just feels rotten. Monday when I took Mac to our pediatrician for his ears, I decided not to get Reid seen about. It was only day two of fever and some stomach issues, and I'm not one to rush to the pediatrician's office at the first sign of a sniffle or fever. Well, fast-foward to day 4 of the same symptoms and I thought it warranted at least a phone call. They called back and said it would be best to bring him in.

Thankfully my children are not intimidated by nor do they fear Dr. Trumbull's office. In fact, if it's possible, they look forward to going. They enjoy sitting in Dr. Trumbull's lap, answering his questions (while I hold my breath that all their answers are polite), then stop by the sticker/pencil buckets for a prize on our way out. Today's visit not only called for a game of ring the pee in the cup (which is so fun for the boys for some reason) but also for a finger stick (which isn't so fun).

Dr. Trumbull suspects what Turbo has is viral. There is a small chance it could be bacterial, but his blood count isn't indicative of that. So these were our orders for now:

Watch him over the next day or so to see if his symptoms start to subside. If he doesn't seem to be getting any better we have other orders, but they're not very pleasant so I'll spare you.


You ready for this???

EAT LOTS OF FOODS HIGH IN FAT like chicken nuggets and french fries.

This is the same doctor who pushes and pushes "eat your fruits and veggies" like it's his job. Ok well it is his job. But you know what I mean. So for him to tell us some of Reid's favorite junk foods are what he needs, well we surely can handle that! So after a stop by Target - because all big boys who don't even flinch with a finger prick deserve a little "happy" - we're home having had a good "dose" of chicken nuggets.

One more thing because I thought it was funny and want to remember. On the way to Montgomery Reid said, "Momma, I need a new name. Because my name Reid is old."

Me:  "Really? Well what do you want your name to be?"

"Zach. Yeah. Zach Norton. [pause] Zach Norton. Zach Norton. Zach Norton. Yeah, I like that. It's cool."

I don't think we even know anyone named Zach. :)
Here's hoping and praying my little "Zach" is up and running again real soon.


Shea said...

Hope that precious "Zach" gets to feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

Zach now that is too funny!! Only Reid thats all i can say!!! :)