Sunday, November 13, 2011

Youth Deer Hunt

Youth hunt was this weekend. Chris had barely gotten the words out of his mouth when Grant jumped up and said, "I WANNA GO!" So Professor and his daddy headed out for their first hunt together this season, the first of many I'm sure. 

Not long after they made it to the hunting land I received this picture from Chris: 
Then he had me going for a minute making me think he was letting Grant sit in a stand by himself. Here are the texts that ensued (excuse C's spelling - he was texting while walking haha):
If you know Chris you can just hear him saying it and laughing. ;) I knew better but I will admit the blood pressure was up a little at first. No worries, though.
I received this picture a few minutes later which I knew meant they were both tucked safely away inside the shooting house - Grant curled up in his chair that he's almost too big to curl up in now. He was getting ready for that good ol' nature snooze he takes until daddy wakes him to see some deer. 

Love these memories my guys are making.

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